Reborn Baby Dolls - The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Last updated: 15 June, 2023

Reborn Baby Dolls The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Reborn dolls have emerged as a fascinating and captivating aspect of the world of collectible dolls. From their astonishingly lifelike features to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into their creation, these dolls have garnered significant attention and adoration from enthusiasts and collectors around the globe. In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a journey to explore the realm of reborn dolls. We will delve into the very essence of what constitutes a reborn doll, understanding their purpose and the profound impact they have on individuals. Additionally, we will uncover the intriguing history and origin of these dolls, tracing their evolution from a niche art form to a thriving industry. Along the way, we will also discover the vibrant reborn doll communities and groups that foster connection, knowledge sharing, and appreciation among enthusiasts. Finally, we will address frequently asked questions that may arise when immersing oneself in the world of reborn dolls. Whether you are new to this captivating hobby or a seasoned collector seeking to expand your understanding, this guide will serve as a valuable resource to unveil the enchantment of reborn dolls.

What Is A Reborn Doll?

A reborn doll is a fake baby doll that looks very realistic.
Reborn dolls are also known as “lifelike dolls” or “reborn baby dolls” and although the term “reborn” refers to realistic-looking human baby dolls, the definition is continuously evolving and this can be seen with the recent inclusion of realistic baby animal dolls. Some say that reborn dolls are basically the adult version of baby-born dolls.

The process of creating a reborn is referred to as “reborning“. The artists that bring these baby dolls to life by making them resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible are called “reborners”. Reborning is a very time-consuming process as the dolls are usually remodeled from manufactured dolls or from a collection of parts, meaning that the artist must first strip the original doll of its original attributes (paint, features, etc) before they can begin their process of reborning the doll. Alternatively, the artist can use a reborn doll kit which provides them with a completely blank doll canvas. Either way, the artist will usually look for dolls that already have real human features, expressions, and body shapes. In addition, while reborn dolls can be created from various materials, vinyl dolls are most commonly used because of their realistic features.

Reborn Baby Dolls Kit Reborning

Once the artist has added multiple layers of paint, modified the eyes to look as real as possible, and created nostrils, ears, and other newborn facial features, they begin adding a wig or implementing strains of hair one by one depending on how much hair is required. The dolls are then stuffed and their weight is measured to accurately replicate that of a real infant. Some dolls are even equipped with electronics such as voice boxes, heartbeat, and breathing sound imitators as well as heat packs to make them warm and make them even more realistic.

Reborn dolls look so real that they have occasionally been mistaken for real babies and “rescued” from parked cars after being reported to the police by passers-by.

Reborn Doll Incidents

What Is The Purpose Of Reborn Dolls?

The purpose of a reborn doll varies from consumer to consumer but their most common purpose is to replace a child that has once been lost or a child that has grown up. Many collect reborns just as some collect regular dolls and others use them to practice in preparation for a real baby. Some have also said that a reborn can simulate an adoption process and for this reason, some dolls come with a fake birth or adoption certificate.

The reason behind someone's decision to buy a reborn doll determines what they actually do with it.
Some may treat the doll as a real baby by dressing it, washing their hair, taking them for walks in strollers, taking them shopping, and reading them books and bedtime stories. Some who use them as props may practice holding, feeding, and nursing a baby, while others may just simply put them on display.

Reborn Baby Doll Stroller

How Much Are Reborn Dolls?

The price range for an average reborn doll is $60 to $400 (USD).
Custom dolls that have been made to resemble a specific baby are sold for more.
Limited editions usually sell for a much higher price. In fact, the most expensive reborn ever sold went for $22,600 on eBay. This specific reborn doll was made by Romie Stryden who is an undisputed superstar reborn creator and has been making dolls since 1989. She claims to create all her reborn babies from scratch, without any molds. In 2010, she created 10 of these very limited edition babies made from solid silicone.

Here's a picture of the most expensive reborn doll.

Romie Stryden Most Expensive Reborn Doll

Origin & History Of Reborn Dolls

The first ever reborn dolls were manufactured in the United States in the first half of the 1990s and were created for doll enthusiasts who wanted more realistic dolls that resembles a human baby. At that time they could only be purchased over the internet or at fairs. The internet allowed reborn doll enthusiasts to create an online community in which they could share and gain knowledge. However, the reborn market only started to expand in 2002, when a reborn doll appeared on eBay for the first time which encouraged the development of online reborn stores.

Reborn Doll History Beginner Guide

At first reborns dolls were generally purchased by doll collectors who admired craftsmanship and realism but the market started to expand to those who wanted dolls for an emotional response, either for mothers or as tools for therapeutic purposes. Reborn dolls were eventually discovered by the media which spread information about their existence far and wide, causing people to take an interest in collecting and developing reborns. As time passed, technology, materials, and techniques advanced, allowing for more realistic reborn dolls to be created.

Reborn Doll Communities & Groups

Below you will find a list of the biggest online reborn doll communities in which you can join and interact with like-minded people.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This really depends on the person, however, many people do in fact take care of their reborn just like a real baby and even buy them real baby accessories.

Many people treat reborn baby dolls just like real babies. This means that they take them outside, feed them, bath them, and do all the other things that parents do with their real babies. For example, here is a born schedule for fun and care.

The majority of them don’t, however, you can get some special reborns that can poop.

The cutest reborn dolls are often the most realistic-looking ones.

You can never be too old to have a reborn but you may be too young. Reborns are very fragile and expensive compared to other toys so you should let a young kid play with it unless they know how to be gentle. We recommend a minimum age of 9.