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Reborn Baby Checklist For New Parents

By June 20, 2019December 4th, 2019General Information
Reborn Baby Checklist For New Parents

Getting started with reborn baby dolls? That’s awesome! Welcome to the club!
When we received our first reborn, we had no idea what accessories we needed to take care of him and to make being a reborn parent much more fun!
For this reason, we put together a list of items for those who may be in the same situation as us.
The checklist is divided into two parts,  items that you need to take care of your baby reborn and items that make great props.

Reborn Baby Checklist For Care

  • A washable blanket for winter
  • A washable blanket for summer
  • A baby pram. You don’t need to purchase an expensive one and you may even be able to get a free one from family or friends.
  • A baby basket. We recommend a foldable basket because it makes it very portable and can also be used for shopping.
  • A flat sheet (not fitted) for the bottom of the pram and basket
  • A thin sheet for summer for the pram and basket
  • A small pillow that fits in both the pram and baby basket.
  • A washable teddy or another soft plush toy that they can snuggle. You can find cheap ones at a secondhand shop.
  • Some baby toys which can also be found cheaply at the secondhand shop.

Reborn Baby Checklist For New Parents Accessories

Reborn Baby Checklist For Props


How many outfits do I need for my reborn baby?

Around five pieces of clothing is fine but it’s really up to you.

What happens if i run out of baby formula for my reborn baby?

Seeing as reborn babies don’t actually eat, we recommend that you create a reusable baby bottle for it.


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