Reborn Dolls For Adoption

Last updated: 15 June, 2023

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Adopting a reborn doll can be a daunting process and decisions are often made through emotion rather than logic because when we see something we love, we want to have it. There is a saying that goes “Your mind can’t control what your heart wants”, however, to avoid disappointment when adopting a reborn doll it is wise to take a logical approach. If you have looked online for reborn dolls, you would have noticed that there are many places where you can buy them, in fact, you have so many choices that it becomes overwhelming and you find yourself asking, where is the best place to buy a reborn doll? An online store? Etsy? eBay? Amazon? A private seller? Another website? Unfortunately, there isn’t a single best place to buy a reborn baby and to make it even harder, it is essential to note that a high price does not necessarily guarantee high quality. Despite all this, there are a set of recommendations that can assist you in avoiding disappointment and ensuring that you adopt the right reborn doll. In addition, below you will find 4 lists of hand-picked quality dolls so that the adoption process is as easy as possible for you.

Recommendations For Adopting A Reborn Doll

  1. Ensure the seller has clear photos
    It goes without saying that seeing a doll in real life before buying it is ideal but in this digital age it is unlikely and therefore it is important that you can see clear and realistic photos of the doll before purchasing it. Realistic means photos with minimal editing so that they do not look better than they actually are as there have many cases where new reborn parents were expecting to receive a masterpiece but ended up with a piece of crap. The reason why Amazon is a safe place to buy a reborn is because you can often return it and you can often see real photos of the doll that have been posted by customers in the review section.
  2. Customer reviews
    Although reviews are subjective, they provide you with a good indication of the reborn’s quality. Be aware that reviews on private sites can be manipulated which is reviews on marketplaces such as Amazon are more trustworthy. Usually on sites such as Amazon customers need to purchase the item before leaving a review and that review cannot be edited or removed by the seller.
  3. Customer service
    Customer service is often overlooked when adopting a reborn doll because parents are eager to hold their baby in their arms, however, it is always a good idea to read the seller's return, damage repair, and guarantee sanctification policies. Another indication of good customer service is to check whether they are actually responding to customers online.
  4. Doll quality
    A good reborn doll should look like a real baby.
    The more expensive a doll is the more fine details it usually has. Pay attention to their hands, feet, nails, eyes, eyebrows, and creases as these details make the doll lifelike.
  5. Reborn Features
    Features are based on personal preference but it’s good to have an idea of what kind of reborn baby you want to adopt.
    Do you want it to have a magnetic pacifier? Come with accessories? Have a birth certificate? Have milk spots, rashes, or scratches to make it more realistic? Have a funny face? Be asleep, awake, or have the option for both? Do you want it to be able to sit? stand? lay down? Have realistic private parts? Want it to be “weighted” (realistic baby weight) and so on…

Where To Adopt

To save you from searching around endlessly, below you will find 4 pages that have a list of hand-picked quality dolls that you can adopt.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s really up to you as each person has a different financial situation but if it’s your first reborn doll then between $40 – $100 is a reasonable price.

We recommend these reborn accessories but it’s really up to you if you want to get some in order to have more fun with your reborn.

Yes, it is very hard! And it usually takes 30-40 hours to complete. You have to find a doll, remove all the features, carefully add multiple layers of paint to it, weigh it down, etc.

Yes, it is absolutely fine and a lot of reborn parents do.

No. Reborn dolls do not have anything that could make them grow.

Absolutely they can, but remember that reborns are more of a collectible and less of a toy. If they’re mishandled or treated without care, they can become easily damaged. To make matters worse, it’s oftentimes difficult to fix such damages, as you may not be able to find a perfect match for the paint, limbs, eyes, etc. Teach your child what’s acceptable and what’s not with reborns to ensure they don’t damage it in any way.

No. Infant simulators do but they do not look real like reborn dolls do.

Never use any Chemicals on a reborn doll as they can damaged the painted skin tones. Only a soft damp cloth should be used to clean.

It is recommended that you use a slightly damped cloth to wipe and clean the reborn rather than giving it a full bath. Be very gentle and do not scrub the doll as this will damage it’s paint and coloring, Always use a towel to dry it and try not to get the stuffing wet to prevent mold.

It really depends the type of hair your baby has and how the reborner rooted it on their head. Typically, mohair has some realistic properties that allow the individual to move and style it around a bit.

A reborn doll isn’t your average baby doll and should be handled with great care. There are several things you need to do in order to keep it safe and these are discussed in detail here.

Of course! You can make your own bottle using flour or detergent filler.