People are unhappy with for different reasons and have warned that the website seems like a scam. Customers are advising people to check reviews on platforms like Trustpilot before buying.

The dolls they received didn't look like the pictures on the website. Instead of the promised silicone, the dolls were made of average-quality plastic, with painted hair and inflexible limbs.

Some buyers also faced communication issues and got bombarded with advertisements after making a purchase. Accounts disappeared, and there were problems getting order details. Some customers even reported a fishy smell from the dolls they received.

Overall, many regret purchasing from this site due to false advertising and poor quality.

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934 Customer Reviews

These customer reviews have been gathered from Trustpilot.

Teresa Powell

Disappointed with Reborndollsshop Misleading Baby dolls

The order #SKU:KSRBA463GA320'' Lifelike Black Authentic Silicone Reborn Doll Named Grace With Beautiful Gray EyesCloth Body+"Heartbeat"[$10+ Off Auto Discount], instead I received a doll from the Reborndollsshop store that I did not order. I am disappointed to know that the other company Doll Reborn is the same company as, Reborn Doll Shop. Again, this company should not provide false pictures of dolls that they do not have in their store. Clearly what I ordered and what I received are different/

Jacinta Gauci

Regretful Purchase. Dolls Not as Depicted

I purchased 2 dolls. Around $450au in total. Arrived nothing like the images on the website. Material quality- very average plastic, not silicone as stated. Hair is painted on, images depict rooted hair. Limbs not flexible. Just so many levels of disappointment just before Christmas. 😪

Rebecca James


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE! As with the others I wish I had checked out this company on Trustpilot first. I ordered and then barraged with advertisements for more products with absolutely no communication over the shipping of the item. Also created an account which is now on existent. Doll has turned up and is poor quality item. They must be making a fortune out of unsuspecting customers. Really disappointed with this and can’t believe this has happened. Waiting for them to reply to email now so will see if response match’s others very soon…..

Teri Marmion

Created an account and ordered a doll

Created an account and ordered a doll. After that i would get an email where the subject would suggest I'm being a reciept for my order but it's all advertisements for their site, then another worth "shipping information" but again no actual real information. They give you no order number and now my "account" is not found. Fraud! Doing a charge back on my card.

Mollie Bessette

Check TrustPilot before you purchase…

Check Trustpilot before you purchase anywhere.I wish I had. I would not have ordered from this company if I knew their MO. My daughter picked a doll she loved as part of her Christmas gift. The doll she chose was $150. They sent the wrong doll and the doll that was sent is garbage. I wouldn't have paid more than $30 for it. It also has a fishy, chemical odor. DO NOT buy from this company.

Nikki Psaila


Like others have said.Avoid! This is an absolute scam.Purchased a doll for Christmas for my daughter. I picked this site as it said from Australia but I now know this is a Chinese site. Did not receive confirmation email or purchase number.I emailed a week later and was told I'd be sent tracking details once it was sent. A week later still nothing so I have followed up again requesting information or a refund and obviously have not had a response.


If I could rate with zero stars I…

If I could rate with zero stars I would. We purchased a baby doll for Christmas $144 later we received it and it looks NOTHING like the images on the website. We are very disappointed. Honestly looks like a baby doll from the dollar store. Contacted the company they only wanted to compensate 10% of the total order so $14 they'd give back, I said no. They offered to compensate me 20% back so $28 they'd give me back I said no. Then they offered 35% which is only $50 of the order. Save yourself the trouble and do NOT order from this company.


Total scam

Total scam. Took money and the tracking is suspicious as in its showing returned to sender. After first email inquiry with their email (only service contact) that said it was still in transit, ten days and three emails later still no response. Wish I had done my research on this scammer company before my little money for Christmas was wasted.

charlotte leigh

Bought a £130 pound doll for my…

Bought a £130 pound doll for my daughter and it did not arrive and cannot get through to anyone I didn’t check the reviews until after and there is loads of weird websites that look the same I never received a confirmation number or order number just did not get the doll ! Now no one will answer me … do not order 😐

Amberly Freeman

This website is a total scam!

This website is a total scam. You will get a doll, but it will look nothing like the doll you ordered. It is very cheap looking and the clothing it came in was awful. The clothing is even cheaper looking than the doll. Definitely not worth the 120.00 I spent. Oh! And it advertises that it makes cooing sounds. That is a lie. It cries. Then if you email to ask for a refund get ready for a circus that will leave you angry and frustrated. They will try to persuade you to keep the doll with a 10% refund. The most I got offered after turning it down was a 35% refund. Then they will tell you if you want to return the doll you must include a piece of paper in the return that includes your order number on it. Here is the biggest SCAM red flag! You will not receive a receipt in the package with your doll so there is no order number to be found there. If you go back and look at your single email from the company headed "Thank you for Purchasing" it will contain nothing but ads. There is no order number to found there either. So how are you supposed to include an order number when you are never given one? I finally accepted my 35% refund as it was clear this was as far as I was getting with customer service although I have not seen said refund yet. Do not waste your time here.

Tez M

This company are scammers

This company are scammers. Do NOT buy from them !Like many others, we purchased without checking their reviews.. big mistake. The doll we received was nothing like that shown or described. You can buy better quality items from any poundshop. Cheap rubbish plastic doll with hair drawn on.. After arguing with them via email, they have now completely stopped responding.. Avoid at all costs

Unhappy Customer


DO NOT ORDER! TRUST THE BAD REVIEWS! I paid £300 for this doll and I cannot even explain to you what arrived. Absolutely nothing like I ordered it’s the ugliest doll with the most awful hair. Cheap as anything. My daughter is going to be so disappointed it has reduced me to tears.

Brandi Loeffel

I spent a lot of $$ to learn a valuable…

I spent a lot of $$ to learn a valuable lesson. Always always read reviews before buying these dolls. This company will tell you that they will work with you to make it right. So basically I ordered a boy doll for my 5 year old little girl. I did not know nor did I see anywhere on their site that it actually comes with ALL boy parts. They refuse to answer my emails anymore and the cost to return the doll is almost as much as the doll itself. If you’re going to buy a cheaper reborn doll at least go through Amazon or something that can hopefully back you up with a dispute. This company is most definitely a scam and I hate that I had to pay the expensive price to learn that.


Don’t waste your money!!!I personally…

Don’t waste your money!!!I personally don’t even want to give one star! They took out twice the money out of my account. The couple emails I did get from them they basically told me they only got one payment and now they won’t respond to my emails. Then I received a doll that wasn’t what I ordered! DON’T BUY FROM Reborn doll shop!!!

Alex Power

DO NOT buy from this “company”

I wish we had read the reviews before ordering. DO NOT buy from this website, it is a total scam. The first red flag was not receiving an order number. The baby we ordered for our daughter looks absolutely nothing like the website, cheap and nasty, not to mention a totally different doll!! $180 down the drain and a very upset girl. Appalling.


What was right

What was right! Ordered for my daughter for her main Christmas present, arrived thought I'd check to make sure all was ok, it looks nothing like the pictures at all nor what is described on the description. I emailed them and they offered me 10% off the value price which I was was not good enough after spending over £100 on a doll which is supposed to look like a reborn and be the same as what is pictured on Thier website. Absolutely appalling I understand with reborns there may be some very slight differences due to moulds and handwork but what I got is an absolute joke. The hair is short when it's supposed to be long, there's holes all over the head where there isn't enough hair to cover them, no eye lashes when the picture shows lashes, no detail on the fingers and toes, not worth the money I paid at all and customer services could have been alot more understanding considering the difference of what was advertised and what was sold and shipped


I purchased a doll

I purchased a doll, I wish I read these reviews I have yet to get mine. However I haven’t got a confirmation email yet you’ve taken the money. Please don’t reply with the same response I need information as I feel I am being scammed. I will take this further if I haven’t received anything or a reply


Scam from this website! FRAUD

Edited: since my post i have recieved both dolls and quality is great!!! Really happy with them and my little girl is going to love them.I ordered 2 dolls and some clothes 6 days ago. I took screenshot of my order number but I have not received an email with my order number in it. I really thought this was a legitimate site. I'm sick. I tried tracking my order number and it says it does not exist. I tried to login to the site and it says email doesn't exist even though I have a few mails saying thank you for registering. I cannot believe I fell for this. I've contacted my CC company and have to give it 14 days before can process claim for fraud. I'm now in a deliema to get a Reborn Doll for Xmas and what sites to trust 🙈

Beatrix Ivett Derczy

What a scam

Oh Gosh! Same here! My mother-in-law ordered from a similar company and received such a lovely doll! I thought it’s an American company but doll came from China. Dolls are nothing like advertised on their website. What a scam! I guess I won’t see my money ever again!

Shannon Baldwin

Gutted I didn't look before

Gutted I didn't look before. I'm a single mum of 3. I don't get financial support. I saved for so long to get my daughter a reborn doll for her birthday. I spent £115 on a doll. To find out it's actually a scam and my bank cannot get my money back for me. I'm completely gutted and I feel so stupid