Customers are disappointed with as the dolls received do not match the ordered items, featuring cheap plastic bodies and significant differences in hair and features. Spending nearly $300, customers express disgust and hesitation in giving the dolls to their girls. The return process is frustrating, requiring customers to cover postage costs. Complaints about misleading website photos and descriptions, non-bendable plastic, and discrepancies in received products are prevalent. The company's practice of deleting negative comments and reviews adds to the dissatisfaction, with customers urging caution due to apparent deception and a sense of being ripped off.

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134 Customer Reviews

These customer reviews have been gathered from Trustpilot.


I found this company ok

I found this company ok, I've had a good response from them, the doll itself came in 7 days, its good quality. A soft silicone doll, only things I would complain about are doll came with no real clothes only a bath robe and no dummy, he had ALOT of hair and the rooting looks quite unnatural and he is very shiny. But after a hair trim and some extra clothes and a dummy I think he will look pretty good.


I really wouldn't bother

I really wouldn't bother. I spent over £70 and got a tiny plastic doll that looks nothing like the picture advertised. When I questioned it with the company, their response was that it was made of environmentally friendly plastic. (So clearly doesn't matter to them what it looks like). I was offered 10% off, which is just an insult. Now they have stopped responding to me. False advertising, and now my daughter doesn't have her Christmas present. Don't waste your money.

Emmaleigh Skeye Brock

One star isn’t low enough

One star isn’t low enough! The website photos, descriptions, everything about the website is misleading! I received my daughters doll after two weeks of waiting. The doll that came in the mail looked nothing like the one pictured. Long, curly hair. PLASTIC! Not bendable at all, the mouth doesn’t even open like it showed, and one of the other gifts I ordered for my little girl was a pacifier and bottle set for the baby which now cannot be used! The site had all good reviews which seemed suspicious to begin with but I didn’t find this review site until after I done placed my order! Seems like everyone has had the same experience with this scam of a “company.” Definitely needs checked into because people are getting ripped off! Extremely upset.

Teresa Powell

What I ordered I am very disappointed

What I ordered had baby hair that was smooth to the head and short and the fingers are different. I was sent a doll with long mangy hair in a ponytail with teeth. This doll has teeth and the doll I ordered doesn't have any teeth. Hair is completely different. I just found out another by the name Reborn Dolls Shop is the same company. I ordered through your other company that I did not know. I received the wrong doll as well. Not a company to buy from. There website products are misleading.

Amy Sisseck


This was not what I ordered for Christmas for the kids. I ordered two of the twins and a single and they come as a regular hard plastic doll with lots of hair and DO NOT LOOK LIKE THE REBORN nor DO THEY HAVE SILOCONE BODIES AND AND ACT AS IF THEY ARE EVEN CLOSE TO REAL.

Anita York

Absolutely gutted that the two dolls I…

Absolutely gutted that the two dolls I purchased look nothing like what I ordered. Their bodies are cheap plastic and after shelling out almost $300 I am now not sure if I even want to give them to my girls. I am so disgusted that if I want to return them I have to pay postage. I will never recommend this company and I see why they only have good comments and reviews on their page, they delete all the bad ones.


Absolutely AWFUL

Absolutely AWFUL. Ordered this doll as a Christmas present and the doll I ordered looks nothing like the doll I received. It’s the cheapest doll I’ve ever seen. I’m so disappointed! I’ve been emailing the company for the last week who are only agreeing to give me a 35% refund! I sent them a message on social media before ordering who confirmed the doll I would receive would be like the one pictured, they are nothing alike. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE.

Roblox Lizerds

Purchase this doll as a Christmas Day…

Purchase this doll as a Christmas Day gift inNovember and it has still not arrived. After numerous emails and complaints they have now gone silent. They can’t provide me with a tracking number or even give me an estimated date of delivery. This company is a total SCAM!!! I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased. I will now have to go through my bank to get my money back. Please stay away from this company.

Shawne M. Patterson

I can’t even give them a 1 star!

I can’t even give them a 1 star!! What I thought I paid for and what I got were very different. Their response was that they can’t guarantee the pics with what you get. Unbelievable!!! Never again and I would advise no one else does either.

Erika Giles

If I could give them zero stars I…

If I could give them zero stars I would! The doll I ordered was nothing like the doll I received! It was a cheap plastic doll that I could have bought at Walmart. They tried telling me that the doll I received is the doll I ordered. NO IT IS NOT!! Then they kept trying to give me a 10% then 20% then 25% refund and I can keep the doll. Or I can ship it back to CHINA and pay for shipping and postage and once they get the doll back I will get a full refund. YEAH RIGHT!! I DON'T BELIEVE THAT FOR A MINUTE!! I do not recommend this company at all. I try putting bad comments on their Facebook posts but they keep deleting them!

Mr Keith Avery

Absolutely disgraceful rip off

Absolutely disgraceful rip off. I am genuinely gutted. Looks nothing like picture and my granddaughter is going to be so disappointed. Do not buy from here. It’s dreadful.

Rita Fenwick

Is there know one to stop,Dollreborns.

I payed £399.99 for a silicone doll.which was not worth £50. After a lot of texts,they said i could send it back.Give me an address and telliphone number.On which I got a company, but could not send back because had no email address. Why are they getting away with it why is there no department in government to stop fraud.

Patricia Goodley


This is a scam! I never even got my dolls! Now I don't have anything to give my granddaughters! I am an elderly lady on a fix income! They need to be shut down!



Awful. Looks nothing like photos. Doll shown had hair and was soft body able to be moved. Doll that’s driver is bald with cheap drawn on hair. Head flimsy and keeps falling off and body can’t be moved: they said it’s the same doll just photos make it look different and only offered £8.50 out of £100

Nolizza Estrada

If I could get a 0 that would be my…

If I could get a 0 that would be my review. Wow! What dissappointed order! Spend more than 60$ in clot and 12” “silicone flexible baby” and I get something less than 12” not flexible at all and nothing near to realistic part. My daughter will be so sad this xmas😭


Horrible company, it’s a scam

Horrible company, horrible customer service. They didn’t reply to all my emails, I even contacted them through social media and no response from them. When I finally got an answer with the tracking reference the doll arrived and is the ugliest thing that i ever seen, it doesn’t look like in the pictures. This company is a scam!!

Andy Goodwill

Seems like I am the next victim

Seems like I am the next victim, this company simply took payment and sends a standard response to every email I send. Seems like a auto generated response with a line of excuses. Regardless what my email says they send the same response. Do NOT use this company they are TERRIBLE.

Lauren Delphey

They are a total scam

They are a total scam. Ordered to dolls for my little girls for $545. Received dolls that are worth $80. They are gross. Contacted company and they want to give me 20% off. I just want to return them.

Settles Sean

My purchase arrived in record time and…

My purchase arrived in record time and the packaging was impeccable! I read a lot of reviews (both negative & positive) prior to deciding which doll to purchase as a gift for my granddaughter. I am no less than thrilled with this little doll. The legs and arms were each sleeved in clear wrapping; the head had netting to keep the hair in place; the doll came fully dressed. She EVEN CAME WITH A DIAPER ON UNDER HER CLOTHES! It's obvious the manufacturer takes great care and it doesn't go unappreciated by me. Pictures simply do not justify how beautiful she is. I will definitely purchase another in the future. In summary, I am extremely pleased.

Lisa Bordelon

The doll I ordered and the doll I…

The doll I ordered and the doll I received do not look alike. Although it's a cute doll it's not what I thought I would be receiving.