Wamdoll Baby Reborn Monkey




This adorable baby monkey measures approximately 20 inches (51cm) in size and weighs about 1.2-1.4KG (2.6-3LB), giving it a realistic and lifelike feel.

This doll has been crafted with care using high-quality material and features a silicone vinyl head and 3/4 silicone vinyl limbs with a soft stuffed PP cotton body, ensuring a gentle and cuddly touch.

The doll's hair is made of hand-applied mohair, providing a smooth and lifelike texture that resembles real baby hair.

The doll's eyes are beautifully hand-set, and its facial features are carefully hand painted. It also comes with hand-applied eyelashes, adding to its realistic appearance. The doll's mouth is magnetic and comes with a magnetic pacifier that fits perfectly.

The doll's clothing is handmade to fit its monkey doll size. You have the freedom to change the doll's clothes, and it can even wear real baby Newborn-size clothes for a truly authentic look.

246 Reviews


Blown away!!! Get. This. Monkey.

I purchased this for my daughter who LOVES monkeys - I cannot wait to surprise her with it for her birthday. You never know how something will look and feel once it arrives, but I can tell you that it's way nicer (and so much cuter and higher quality) than I had hoped for the great price! The legs are bit difficult to bend if sitting it on a flat surface, but it's sitting next to me on a pillow and the monkey looks perfectly natural that way. I'm sure it'll be just fine once it gets played with after gifting. YAY...Mom WIN!


Really cute

My daughter loves monkeys and this is her favorite. She dresses it up in preemie baby clothes and it goes everywhere with us. Great quality, for sure.


Cute and well made

Really cute monkey doll. Well made. The legs are nice and soft vinyl.



I’ve always loved monkeys. I bought this to add to my collection of dolls and for my grandchildren to play with. She is very well made. All the fur from her head to toes is rooted. She’s very cute.


Amazing Doll My Granddaughter Loves Her Baby Zoey A Must Have

Play Video My granddaughter is Autistic And she always wanted a reborn baby like this she loves her reborn she named her zoey here’s my granddaughters review video


It looks real!

My granddaughter wanted a toy monkey for Christmas so I got her this doll. She is 5 years old and she loves it. She takes it everywhere she goes and treats it likes it's real. Best thing I ever got for her. We have received a lot of compliments on it where we go. Great price too. Love the way it can hang from your fingers or dog crate etc. If you are looking for a really cute monkey then look no further.


You Need Her!

She's a super cute monkey. This is most definitely my daughters favorite gift. Very well made! Would buy again.



She absolutely LOVED it. On video called, my 6 year old niece would lift the doll into the camera and giggle. So did I. It’s adorable!!!


Granddaughter loves it!

My granddaughter loves monkeys and she loves this one because it’s a baby monkey.


realistically hideous doll

This doll has hair on its arms and legs and is so hideous that I almost kept it myself instead of gifting it to my three-year old great niece who loved it. Everyone thought it was great and I hardily recommend it.