Unpainted Sleeping Reborn Doll Kit



This reborn doll kit contains a blank doll with an unpainted head, full limbs, and a cloth body. The head and limbs are crafted from high-quality silicone vinyl, offering a comfortable and gentle touch. The doll weighs approximately 2.2 lbs and its limbs are movable, allowing it to sit and lie down. This DIY kit gives you the freedom to create a unique baby doll just the way you want it.

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Unpainted kit arrived with rooted eyelashes

I have had this kit before from a different seller and loved working on this kit. It is a very fun kit to painting. BUT I was not happy my unpainted kit arrived with eyelashes already rooted. Eye lids cannot be painted and sealed properly when eyelashes are already rooted. Luckily I was able to pull the eyelashes out.


Easy To paint

This was such a fun baby and worth the price I truly believe she’s so adorable and cute I ordered 3 more


Excellent Reborn Baby Doll Kit

This kit is perfect! It's a natural flesh color and not orange like some kits are that dont come from reborn artists. It's a very soft, pliable vinyl. No flaws or defects. It comes with the cloth body which is a bonus because most reborn sites don't include the body with the kit. It comes with five zip ties to assemble the head and limbs. I've very pleased with how nice it is not coming from a"Reborn Artist's Editions" if your debating, get it. Its well worth the money!


Great doll

Fun kit to do and my fav


Great kit

Nice skin tone and easy to paint and assemble.


No instructions

I did not receive assembly instructions with my new baby but I'm truly happy with how she turned out.


Beautiful 🤩

Beautiful when painted correctly!! I painted her myself and she’s beautiful. I want to get her a belly plate so I have to measure her and then I will show results 🥰


Very good

Everything was perfect