TERABITHIA Reborn Baby Twins




These Minidiva Reborn Baby Dolls are a delightful pair of boy and girl twins that will captivate your imagination. Measuring approximately 20 inches (50cm) from head to toe, these lifelike dolls are crafted with soft silicone that allows them to be bathed, enhancing the realistic play experience.

Each doll is dedicatedly handmade, featuring carefully designed details such as hair, long eyelashes, flexible hands and feet with nails, and a weighted body. These lifelike features create the illusion of holding a real baby, providing a truly immersive playtime.

With movable arms and legs, these dolls offer interactive posing possibilities. While they can't cry, laugh, or eat, they can be positioned to sit or lie down, allowing for imaginative play scenarios.

These lovely dolls are not just toys; they become cherished friends as they accompany your baby's growth and development. They make wonderful gifts for children, fostering creativity and providing hours of companionship and fun. Let these MinidivarReborn baby dolls bring joy and imagination into your world.

138 Reviews


Realistic babies with awesome accessories

They are very realistic and the details are amazing. My daughter is six and they are a bit too heavy for her to carry both at the same time. We love the accessories, my 2 year old niece used one of the bottles to take medicine while we were on vacation, because it is a real baby bottle. I think their hair is a bit more coarse than true baby hair, but otherwise these are beautiful babies that provide lots of entertainment and imagination play for my daughter.


Our granddaughter loves them!

I searched long and hard to find my granddaughter a pair of twin baby dolls for her 9th birthday. She wanted them to be lifelike and have silicone bodies so she could bathe them. After scouring the internet, I found these. They seemed to be the best match for what she wanted. I hoped she would love them, and she did. When she unwrapped her gift and saw the dolls, her eyes flew open wide and her jaw dropped. After that, it was all smiles. It was love at first site. Thank you for helping us make our little princess happy.


definitely worth the money

Omg my daughter is in love! They are so cute! These babies are not the silicone you think but they like a soft squishy plastic. The pacifiers work great and my daughter just loves the look of them. The boys hair is a little longer than the girls and pretty messy but we think it's adorable and joke that he has bed head all the time. I am definitely happy with the purchase and would order again if needed or for a gift for another little girl


Beautiful dolls, great value!!!

I don’t leave reviews, but I am very happy with these dolls. I’ve purchased other reborns for my daughter and they arrived looking nothing like the pictures online and of poor quality. These dolls look like the pictures, their limbs move nicely and hair is better quality then others I’ve purchased. Clothing is as pictured, good quality and cute. They do have male/female anatomy, fyi if you’re purchasing for kids.


Well worth price

Product is well worth the price. We bought another for my daughter lash year from another company and these are amazing compared to the other purchased.. My daughter will be very happy with them thank you.


Very cute and real looking doll!

I changed their outfits and they are super adorable!! I love them! Can’t wait to see my daughters faces when they open them on Christmas. However these are not silicone. They are vinyl/silicone. But that’s fine with me.


Beautiful dolls

These dolls are so cute! My daughter is so excited with how life like they really look.


Twin Baby Dolls

My daughter bought these with her own money (11 yrs old) she was very happy with the purchase. The dolls seem to be a good quality and very durable!


Vale el precio por su cualidad y look.

La pareja de las muñecas son una buena combinación. El look de las muñecas es formidable con la vestimentas incluidas. Esta es una compra que definitivamente será un regalo ideal. Mi nieta las a pedido desde el momento que las vio.


Cute. Lifelike. Durable. Worth it.

Lifelike and adorable! My girls absolutely adores these! They are 8 and 9 years old. Gets them out of their electronics, and they enjoy it. I like how they came with a birth certificate and pacifier. They will make a great gift for any child or grandchild ♡