TERABITHIA Mini Twin Girls




These adorable TERABITHIA Mini 10" Realistic Reborn Baby Girls Dolls feature a silicone vinyl full body, providing a lifelike look and feel. With their compact size of 10 inches (26cm), these dolls are perfect for playtime and cuddling.

The dolls are designed to be washable, allowing for easy cleaning and even making them suitable for water play during bath time.

Instead of rooted hair, these dolls have beautifully painted hair, adding to their realistic appearance. Their high-quality acrylic eyes give them a captivating gaze, although they are not able to blink.

Handmade with care, these dolls come with clothes that are specifically tailored to their size. They are dressed in adorable outfits, making them ready for playtime or display.

These miniature reborn baby dolls are sure to bring joy and imagination to children and collectors alike with their realistic features and cute outfits.

541 Reviews


9-year-old loves them

My daughter wanted realistic baby doll twins. We searched on Amazon and found the perfect ones! Yes they are small but she doesn’t mind. The price isn’t too bad for two dolls. The bodies are very soft and she has enjoyed playing with them.


Dolls and seller

They are perfect little dolls. I bought for my daughter's 6th bday because she loves reborn babies. But for some reason she was not having these or the other one I bought from another seller. I guess maybe smaller then her other reborn girl babies. But she hid them. The seller worked with me due to being so long. I recommend buying from the seller they are awesome



These pleased my grandchild so very much. So cute



A little smaller than what I thought they'd be but they're still adorable.. worth the money



Great gift she love it


They are small but cute♡︎❀

Play Video Precious cute worth the price but super small key fit into any clothes stink come with a pacifier or a bottle but good quality


So cute!

Absolutely love these dolls my daughter just adores them! They’re not too big so they’re perfect for her to be able to take places not be a hassle but they’re big enough that it’s like an Actual baby doll. They are adorable to!


Es un bebé muy tierno parece real

Un excelente regalo la niña disfruta muchísimo con este bebé pues parece tan real y muy tierno


Twin babies great product

My granddaughter who is five loves them just the right size for her


Very tiney cute dolls

So tiny make sure you read the measurements. They are just precious though