TERABITHIA Mini Baby Twins




These delightful TERABITHIA mini 10-inch realistic reborn baby boy and girl dolls are crafted with a silicone vinyl full body, providing a lifelike and realistic appearance. Measuring a petite size of 10 inches (26cm), these dolls are smaller than preemie babies, making them perfect for playtime and cuddling.

These dolls feature beautifully painted hair instead of rooted hair, adding to their realistic charm. Their high-quality acrylic eyes have a captivating look, although they do not have the ability to blink.

Each doll is dressed in handmade clothes that are carefully selected based on their size. These adorable outfits complement the dolls' appearance and make them ready for play or display.

These mini reborn baby dolls are sure to bring joy and imagination to children and collectors alike with their lifelike features and charming outfits.

235 Reviews


Awesome! Reborns

The reborns I bought were amazing they came with blankets and all the clothes that are shown in the picture they were indeed tiny but they were still worth it, if your think about purchasing this product I recommend you should. Although you must be very genital with the glued on eyelashes they will fall off if you do not be careful enough with them, but overall I LOVED THEM!



My daughter loved them! She got them as a Christmas gift and was so excited. They are super small so clothes are hard to find for them. Newborn and premie baby clothes are even too big for them.


Beautiful little twins

My granddaughter loved her twins


Great dolls

My daughter love them they are soft


Loves it

My granddaughter loves these dolls. Just like the real thing.


TERABITHIA Mini 10 inches Realistic Reborn Baby Boy Girl Dolls

My Granddaughter loves them.



Just want my 13 wanted she love it


They are precious

As described, perfect


Little real like doll



Just the right size for little hands

Nice gift for little girl