TERABITHIA Mini African American Twins




These adorable TERABITHIA 10-inch (26cm) black reborn twins are a charming addition to any doll collection. Each doll showcases a silicone vinyl full body, ensuring a realistic and lifelike appearance. These African American twins are crafted with attention to detail and comply with safety specifications.

With their captivating painted hair, these dolls have a unique charm. Their high-quality acrylic eyes add to their realistic appeal, even though they do not have the ability to blink.

These dolls come dressed in handmade outfits that are specially selected to fit their size. The carefully crafted clothes perfectly complement the dolls' appearance, creating an endearing ensemble.

These mini reborn baby dolls bring joy and diversity to playtime and collecting.

103 Reviews


Dolls were cute

I was truly shocked when my granddaughter opened the box and checked out the boy doll. They had his anatomy 🫢, I couldn't do anything but laugh at her facial expressions. I don't recommend for a child under 8 because of the physical features of the boy doll. And oh yeah , they are very small also.


Beautiful Twins

Hope my grandkids love them as much as I do.


Perfect size for toddlers

My one year old loves these dolls. They are the perfect size for her little hands. She also loves to put them in the bath with her and the material doesn’t change no matter how many times they’ve been wet. I totally recommend


I absolutely love this

I absolutely love them and so did my Mother in Law, she collects dolls for years, she named them after my kids lol great dolls and much attention to detail I making them! Thanks



It was a gift for one of my friends daughter and she loves it


Small but cute

They are so cute. They are the cutest little things. I love them.


They are so cute my granddaughter love them to

Nice birthday gift


Exactly as expected

They were so beautiful and perfect. Just as pictured


My daughter loved them

Everything I expected


The best dolls

My 11 year old loves them she said "there cute and tiny" 💯