TERABITHIA Lifelike Monkey Doll




This adorable little monkey measures 21 inches (52cm) in size and weighs approximately 1-1.2KG (2.2-2.6LB), providing a lifelike look. It features a silicone vinyl head and 3/4 silicone vinyl limbs, along with a stuffed PP cotton body that is incredibly soft to the touch.

The doll's hair is meticulously hand-applied mohair, creating a smooth and realistic texture. Its beautiful eyes are set by hand and the doll's details are carefully hand-painted, including the delicate eyelashes. The doll's mouth is magnetic and comes with a corresponding magnetic pacifier, allowing for a realistic feeding experience.

To enhance the doll's appearance, handmade clothing is tailored specifically to fit the doll's size. This gives you the freedom to change the doll's outfits according to your preferences, with newborn-sized baby clothes fitting the doll perfectly.

Experience the joy of caring for this lifelike baby doll, complete with its captivating features and realistic feel. It's an ideal companion for imaginative play, role-playing, and nurturing activities. Let your creativity flourish as you dress the doll in different outfits, creating unique and heartwarming moments with this precious doll.

80 Reviews



Got for my granddaughter who is gonna be 9 and she is in love


So cute

I’ve had so much fun with this little girl. Most say she so ugly she’s cute


Really cute and realistically detailed orangutang dolls . I purchased two

They are worth every penny . And come dressed as female dolls ,but can easily be whatever gender you choose, simply through using your imagination, , naming, or dressing them in clothing of your choice. You can pose their limbs as well .



This doll is beautiful! Just like on the pics. I love baby monkeys. They are adorable!! Worth the money


My niece was happy ;)

This is what my niece wanted for Christmas and auntie came through. Very well made and lifelike. Someone mentioned the strong odor and when I received it I just aired her out for several days before wrapping her back up and the odor dissipitated. My niece named her Delilah. I was happy she was happy with it ;)


Adorable and life like features

My 5 yr old granddaughter loved it.


I made him a boy and redressed him I love him he’s adorable

This is the cutest monkey I’ve ever seen I redressed him renamed him ,changed him from a girl to a boy.


Surprise my granddaughter

Play Video This was so adorable my granddaughter loved it


Very cute and worth the money

My daughter loves it for her monkey collection. This one is the third and cutest. Only complaint is glued on hair and I wish she had a softer bow. So I took out the metal bow alligator clip. Didn't want it to rip hair out.


Absolutely adorable

This little monkey is the cutest. Great value for the cost of it. Really exceeded my expectations!!