Reborn Babies: Why you aren’t Crazy


Reborn Babies: Embracing Your Passion is a compelling book designed to empower collectors and reborn parents who have faced unwarranted criticism and misunderstanding about their beloved hobby. Noelle Blackburn, an experienced collector, and budding artist in the reborn movement, intimately understands the varied reactions people have toward reborns and their enthusiasts. Through this heartfelt work, she aims to provide reassurance and counter the negativity that often burdens reborn owners.

With a supportive tone, this book delves into the purpose and numerous positive aspects of these lifelike babies. Whether you're already an owner or considering adopting your first reborn masterpiece, this insightful read will foster a sense of belonging within a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

With a word count surpassing 10,800, "Reborn Babies: Embracing Your Passion" is a comprehensive guide that celebrates the artistry of reborns and encourages self-assurance in the face of societal misconceptions. Join Noelle Blackburn on this empowering journey and embrace the beauty of reborns.

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It’s a great book to read because it helped me become a better Reborn parent


Five Stars

easy read- very uplifting