Reborn Babies: Stories From Those That Love Them


Reborn Babies: Stories from Those Who Love Them is a captivating collection of tales shared by collectors, admirers, and parents of reborn dolls across the United States. As the first volume in a series, this book delves into the intriguing world of reborn dolls, spanning over 10,000 words.

This remarkable book aims to connect individuals who share a passion for the reborn movement. Whether you are a collector, adoptive parent, or artist, these stories offer valuable insights and shed light on the profound meaning behind this art form, satisfying the curiosity of those seeking understanding.

If you're contemplating the adoption of a reborn doll and desire a deeper understanding of the experience, this book presents personal anecdotes from individuals who have already embarked on this journey. Additionally, if you're simply intrigued by the allure of these lifelike dolls, this read will unveil the captivating reasons behind their appeal.

For existing reborn parents, this book serves as a source of connection and understanding. Discover kindred spirits who comprehend the depth of your affection for these dolls and share their own experiences. Get ready to immerse yourself in these heartfelt narratives. Enjoy the journey!

34 Reviews


Awesome reborn dolls book!

These are great stories about the experience have had with their reborn dolls! Anyone who has a reborn doll will be able to relate to the people in this book who care for and love their reborn dolls! This was a great read and makes me want to explore this topic more and go out and buy more reborn dolls! Enjoy this book and love on your reborn babies! Thank you!


Looooveeee it!

I'm a reborn doll Mommy and I just love my babies no matter what other people think. They are family, just as my Yorkie and Siberian Husky dog. I treat them as my babies and I don't give too much thinking of what other people would think or say. It's nice to know there are a lot of people who feels the way I do about my babies.


Great book

Excellent read


One of my favorite books

One of my favorite Reborn parenting book in my collection


Great read!

Loved this book, as I am also a Reborn mom to a few. Can't wait for the next book in this Series. Hope to possibly see pictures of some of them.


Great Book

I really enjoyed the book, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who treats her reborn like a real baby. My only complaint is that the book was too short.


Pretty good book

Helps me not feel so alone , I have decided to adopt a reborn . Still waiting to find the right one . Anyway this book has helped me feel not so alone


Loving such love for reborns?

I enjoy my reborns so much that it's wonderful to know so many people are positive about their love for reborns. There are so many critical people. This is encouraging!


An informative book about reborn babies

I really enjoyed this book and reading stories of other people who love reborn babies. A good read.


Five Stars

Lovely stories