Realistic Baby Werewolf Reborn DIY Kit



Create a very realistic Werewolf doll with this blank reborn kit. This DIY kit gives you the freedom to personalize and uniquely craft your baby Werewolf according to your preferences. The head and limbs of this Werewolf kit are made from high-quality silicone vinyl, providing a soft and authentic touch resembling real baby skin. The finished doll stands at approximately 19 inches (48 cm) from head to toe, and its weight is determined by the amount of cotton and glass beads you choose to fill it with.

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Very cute but not as easy as it looks.

My kit contained everything as pictured. I have wanted a werepup for years but couldn't afford the price tag so I was excited when I saw this kit. I watched several dozen videos on how to paint, root hair, and finish new born dolls but couldn't find any specifically for werepups. It wasn't too hard to paint him using acrylics but I had difficulty finding a finish to seal him that didn't feel sticky after drying. Also, the eyes were very difficult to put in as the head wasn't very pliable and already had a large tear started on the inside near the eye. I was afraid it was going to continue to rip and go all the way through but, with my husband's help, I was finally able to get the eyes in although a bit cross-eyed. Rooting the hair was a whole other issue as the rerooting needles kept breaking so he ended up with a mohawk and some whiskers. He's a little rebel anyway so his mohawk doo and slight imperfections just make him more loveable (says every mom out there about their babies) but as of now, i think he's going to be an only child!



My sons saw this little guy on the Hall Family's channel and instantly wanted a "little Robbie" wolfpup. There was no way I could afford one already made but luckily I'm pretty crafty so I ordered two of these kits. The kits came super fast, the dolls are extremely soft and detailed. I can not wait to start this project!!


Wolf baby

So much fun to make. I love it. Easy.


This is Perfect.!!!

They arrived safe with bubble wrap container for the heads.. Nice hobby for us homebounders My fiance and I are both handicap and get trapped in during too hot of weather or too cold of weather.. so we're excited to start this project.!


Love it


A great starter kit to practice with.

It was a surprise gift for my Mom who was looking to add a new halloween prop to her collection. The baby weir wolf starter kit includes 2 legs and arms with molded details and a head with such detailing. a cloth body is ready for stuffing and twist ties to attach the body parts. Definitely an awesome and fun product.