Pinky Reborn Baby Girl





The Pinky doll brings forth the charm of mini-reborn dolls in a realistic and captivating way. Measuring approximately 20 inches or 50cm, the doll possesses a newborn-like appearance that will tug at your heartstrings. Handcrafted with love and meticulous attention to detail, it showcases the artistry involved in its creation.

The mini reborn doll is crafted using soft silicone vinyl and a cloth body, combining the best of both materials for a lifelike feel. The doll features meticulously hand-drawn hair and realistic lips that resemble those of a newborn. Running your fingers across the doll's skin, hands, and feet, you'll be amazed by the authentic texture and lifelike resemblance.

Designed to be poseable, the arms and legs of these reborn baby dolls can be moved freely, allowing for various display options. With a weighted cloth body and full vinyl limbs, the doll offers a sense of realism when cradled in your arms. Children can also joyfully carry the doll around as if they were holding a real baby. Furthermore, its silicone cloth serves as a comforting companion for sleep, ensuring that your child never feels alone.

The package includes:

  • Outfit
  • Magnetic pacifier
  • Nurturing bottle
  • Diaper
  • Birth certificate

439 Reviews


Best doll ever

When I sw her on Amazon I fell in love with her. She looked exactly like she did on the website. I put her in 0-3 month clothes and to me they fit her fine. Some headbands I try to put on her are to big and fall off. The headband she came in fits her perfectly fine. Overall I am glad that I bought this baby. I named her Pryncess. It was definitely worth the $66 I spent on her. She is my first reborn baby that I ever bought and she is just perfect to me. I don't see anything wrong with her. She is small enough for me to hold her like a baby. I have bought multiple headbands for her and all the headbands I bought fit her perfectly. She is very realistic looking. I have taken her out in public places with me and everytime I did people thought that she was a real baby. She can sit up on her own. I would definitely recommend this baby to anyone who is looking for reborn babies and doesn't know which one to pick. She is absolutely perfect



I bought this as a gift for my 5 year old niece and she LOVES IT!! She just lit up when she opened it and she wants to take it everywhere!!


Beautiful doll

My granddaughter loves this doll. She takes it with her wherever she goes. The doll is so lifelike that people have mistaken it for a real baby.


Love it the best doll ever

I really love how her hair is like that and really good if you want something cheap for like a start of like reborn I had like a lot, but this is probably my favorite. It doesn’t look exactly like the photo


Review for Starter/ Budget Reborn Collectors

Pro: This doll is beautiful! Is it the same as the $1000+ dolls, no, but looking for a starter or budget doll, this is the best one. One of the only dolls that actually looked like the pictures! While the maker says 0-3, in my opinion the doll fits NB best. The 0-3 outfit was very loose and her head was too small to fit headband. However the NB size outfit was perfect and the headband fit, so I would go with NB when looking for clothes. The skin, hands, and feet details were gorgeous. Beautiful realistic skin! I bought it skeptical, ready to return if it wasn't up to par and I am keeping her! Beautiful details, beautiful face. Great Buy! Con: There was a little bit of lumpy head going on. Easy enough to reshape and fix by 90%. So so much cuter with a hair bow that comes with a ton of NB outfits! Also I would have preferred if there was a weighted option. The doll is about 2 pounds I would think, but I wouldn't mind a weighted doll option. Doesn't smell like "baby" but I am sure that's an easy fix with some talcum power/ spray. Also she is overstuffed on my opinion. The stuffing makes her feel stiff and not as huggable as other dolls. Less stuffing and use of weighted glass beads would make her huggable, snuggly, abd heavier. Overall: This baby is beautiful! I would say the best choice from my days and days of looking online. The pictures, esp the ones other buys provided are great but I would even say its more impressive in person. A great budget reborn. I would have to say that NB clothes and not 0-3 fit best, IMO. If this is you're budget purchase or first reborn, you can't go wrong with her! If the maker would use less stuffing and weighted beads, it would kick her up a knotch !


Realistic and affordable!!!

If you were on the fence like I was here is you sign to purchase this baby! We have real reborns made by artist and we have Amazon and Ebay dolls . This is not dissapointing at all! We were looking to buy a cheaper baby for our grandma who is in her 80s because she loves my daughter's reborns and is so filled with Joy each time we show her a new one, we decided this would be the way to go for her birthday! Im so glad we did! This baby has mottling and blushing in all the right places ,adorable painted on hair and a magnet for a pacifier. The baby comes with a cheapie fake looking pacifier but it will work with a magnetic pacifier you make it have as well! I also think the bottle and outfit the baby came with us adorable! The nipple of the bottle is a plastic fake nipple but still pretty realistic and honestly the outfit was so well made I would put it on a real child!



I’m not going to lie, reborn shopping isn’t for the faint of heart. There are SO many for SO many different prices and quality is all over the place. I was hoping and praying this doll would look exactly like it did in the photos and it does!! It is quite beautiful actually. My daughter has wanted a reborn for a while and I’m just so glad we got one that wasn’t creepy lol! The details are quite amazing. Her face is painted so well and her fingers and toes have fingernails painted on them. Lots of detail on the arms and legs too. The only thing that made it not as realistic as it could be is how long the torso of the baby is. Some people have commented on it to her but it’s not a deal breaker. And honestly, I take newborn portraits and some babies do have long torsos when they are first born (especially babies with tall parents) so maybe this even makes it more realistic. If you’re still reading - just buy it. End the hunt here!


Darling little baby

This is a beautiful doll! She has a darling little face and painting is wonderful. For the price, it is amazing. I disassembled the doll, pulled out all the stuffing from the body, head, and limbs. There was no weighting to it, just fluffy stuffing. I added glass bead weighting and reassembled, and she's amazing now. She is so realistic. I made her for a friend's daughter's birthday. I have made 3 now, and I highly recommend for an affordable, reborn-like doll.


Dont be afraid to order!

Shes so perfect for a collector! This is my 5th reborn Ive paid three times this price only to be disappointed. Not this time! Thamkyou! Dont be afraid to order, just be sure of what you want! Pleased collector Grandma Janie.



Bella reborn baby ! Mi hija la adora