Paradise Galleries Small Baby Doll



This Paradise Galleries 19-inch weighted mini baby doll is a lifelike treasure, providing a realistic and warm embrace. With a weighted cloth body, wrinkled little fingers, and hand-set eyes, she captivates both young and old. Hand-painted details and hand-applied eyelashes add to her charm, making her a dream companion for anyone.

Designed by renowned American artist Michelle Fagan, this baby doll is lovingly handcrafted from GentleTouch vinyl, ensuring a smooth and realistic finish. Her premium 3/4 vinyl limbs allow for a variety of poses, while her sweet "mother-gaze" melts hearts.

Presented in a collector's gift box, this doll comes with a delightful 10-piece baby doll gift set.

The set includes a:

  • Knit pastel pink floral print onesie
  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Bib
  • Blanket
  • Bottle
  • Pacifier
  • Booties
  • Super soft giraffe plush friend.

Crafted with love, this doll understands the importance of love, happiness, play, companionship, and creating cherished memories. A must-have for every doll collector, she brings joy to both young and young at heart.

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Es precioso ese bebé, ya lo tiene mi sobrina. Está encantada!! Muy bien elaborados!! Excelente producto


Paradise Galleries tall dreams ensemble

We all need something to cuddle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stuffed animal or a doll. With everything that has been going on in the world. I needed something to cut down on my anxiety. I have been having a lot of problems with online school. And not being able to go to music lessons because of the pandemic. So my mom got me this doll to make me feel better. And she is a beautiful doll she is weighted and has full legs so she can wear onesies without her cloth body showing. her vinyl limbs are well painted. And her class body is soft and cuddly. She is 19 inches so she can take real baby clothes. And I can’t wait to pick some out. Having something to cattle helps a lot. I even lent her to my grandma when my grandfather had to go into the hospital for a couple of weeks. She said it helped her a lot that way she didn’t feel like she was alone. Granddad is back now and my doll is safely in my arms again. I really miss her and won’t let her go. I carry her around the house and also take her to bed with me. So all in all I think it was a good present and would highly recommend her.


This is such a beautiful doll. We got it for my 5 year ...

This is such a beautiful doll. We got it for my 5 year old for Christmas and she fell in love it the instant she saw it. The dolls face looks just as it does in the pictures and is the perfect weight. My sister in law had something similar about 20 years ago but I remember it being dreadfully heavy. This one is heavy enough to feel real but not so heavy that it's hard for a 5 year old to handle. It may be a bit heavy for a 3 year old but even so, I still think it would be a great purchase. The dolls hair is very realistic - softer than a barbies hair. The torso and pelvic area is made of fabric, which is filled with some sort of beads for a more real feel to her. The doll does come with everything it says and shows. The only things that I can think of that would make this doll better is: #1) If her eyes closed when she lyes down. #2) It would be nice if her binky would stay in her mouth a little better. It does stay in if you're careful, however, just looking at it you can tell the pacifier doesn't fit in her mouth quite right. #3) It would be nice if the doll came wearing a diaper. A reusable cloth diaper would be ideal, but even if it just came wearing a cheap disposable diaper would make it just the tiniest bit cuter. But these are such trivial things. All in all, this was a really great purchase and my daughter absolutely adores her new baby.


Great doll for the price

Wanted a real looking baby doll for my 7 year old granddaughters' birthday. I searched several web sites, including youtube, eBay and real doll sites. I found that if you wanted a real to life baby doll you would have to spend several hundred dollars. I love my granddaughter, but this was to be a doll she could play with, not keep on a shelf. I choose the Paradise Galleries doll for several reasons. First, the coloring, brown hair and eyes match my granddaughter. Her face, which is more baby looking than vinyl doll-toy store- mass produced looking. Her arms, legs and feet have a great feel to them and look realistic. I love her body weight, she stays in your arms like a real baby, not floppy or stiff. Her hair isn't perfect, but so far (3 weeks only of play) but it looks the same as when she came out of the box, it is smooth, not wild. The most important, my granddaughter absolutely loves her. Money well spent! I am very happy and satisfied with my purchase.


Precious Baby with great attention to detail

This doll was ordered by my 8 year old daughter who loves baby dolls and saved her money to purchase this one. She chose her over an American Girl Doll. She named her Sophia. She arrived in excellent condition, and this company took great pride in packaging her well. This would make a great gift for a loved one. Her skin feels so real, and her eyes are pretty. When she looks at you it is like you are holding a real baby. We take her everywhere and everyone thinks she is a real infant. She came with lots of accessories, but also can wear 0 - 3 month onesies and newborn sizes. I do not recommend this doll for anyone under 6 unless they can take care of their toys. She is too precious to mess up. I have enjoyed watching my daughter play with her every day since she joined our family. You will not be disappointed with this baby doll.


Adorable Doll!

My daughter wanted one of these baby dolls that look like a real baby. After doing some research, I saw that many of them were getting bad reviews. Given the cost of these dolls, I was not about to buy one that had many issues. Some had horrible hair, some were not very cute and some had complaints of discoloration. I finally found this doll from Paradise Galleries and am so happy with our purchase! This doll is just adorable and my daughter absolutely loves her! She has just the right amount of hair for her to put some pretty clips in or a stretchy headband. She fits into newborn size clothes. We took the advice of another customer review and bought a pacifier and cut some of the tip off so it stays in her mouth. Everywhere we go, people stop us because they think she is real! We are very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend!


High expectations, but slightly disappointed. Satisfactory Purchase

My daughter loves her reborn baby. It weighs like a real baby and the size is perfect for her to handle. The body is cloth material stuffed with i assume cotton and little beads in the bum for the added weight. The arms legs and head are the silicone parts which i'll admit was a bit disappointing because i thought it was full body made this way. it came with all the items shown and my daughter didnt seem to care about the body being cloth. Thankfully a baby bath hasn't been a conversation ...yet. It does look life-like just not enough to me... i wanted more from the product but i just couldn't put my finger on it that would've given me a 'this is wonderful' purchase. Nonetheless, I enjoy playing grammy with my daughter, makes for great bonding time.


A must buy!!!!

This doll is FABULOUS! I have three girls who all played with dolls a ton and had plenty of them, even American girl and Bitty Babies. This was by far the favorite. My daughter even took her to a restaurant one night and I was holding the doll while she went to the bathroom with her nana and I had someone come up to me and thought she was a real baby and couldn't believe it when we told her that she wasn't. It was quite funny. We had this doll for over a year and she looks just like the day my daughter took her out of the box. We also go to consignment shops and buy her real newborn clothes too for so cheap. A WIN WIN! Don't second guess... purchase now! You won't regret it.



I bought this for my 4 and a half year old for Christmas. Of course I had to get a peak before I wrapped it. I wasn't prepared for the card when you open that shows the production number for the doll and who made her. I loved that. The doll itself - the picture does not do it justice. It is amazing. I do have to say that most people say a 0-3M size, but I picked up a onsie at Target on Black Friday that was a NB, and it was a little big. I think the size of clothing will depend on the brand. I wish I could actually buy outfits and accessories directly from Paradise Galleries! All in all, fantastic product. I know she's be over the moon when she gets it.


I can't wait to give this to my Granddaughter.

This baby doll looks just like my Granddaughter. I was unable to wait for Christmas to give it to her. My Granddaughter LOVES this baby. She was able to put her socks on all by herself. She fed the baby a bottle and tried very hard to put on her bib. My Daughter-in-Law loved this baby and how much she looks like both twins. Even my Grandson wanted in on taking care of this new baby. My Grandson was given a truck, but he quickly lost interest when the baby came out of the box. The dolls legs and hands are wrapped in clear plastic and my Grandson said,"Uh Oh, bandaid." They both love it. They are two-years-old.