Painted DIY Silicone Reborn Baby Kit



This pre-painted kit consists of a silicone sleeping reborn doll with realistic details and allows you to build a unique baby doll just the way you want it. The doll is designed to be the same size as a real newborn, measuring approximately 19 inches (48 cm) when built. Its weight depends on the amount of cotton you use during assembly. Once assembled, the finished reborn doll is poseable and can sit or lay down.

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Great doll

This doll is definitely worth the price. Very easy to put together. I would definitely buy again.


She is to cute

I love her. I added glass beads to her and made her so heavy. She was easy to put together, and she as so much detail. Best Amazon reborn kit so far. The quality is just amazing.


Adorable dolll kit

The painting on doll is good the kit is easy to assemble. Great price.


Very happy!!!

I’m so very happy with how this doll turned out. it didn’t take long at all for me to get it together after I put the poly fill, weighted beads and stuff in it will be buying more!


Instead of Build-a-Bear, it's Build-a-Baby lol The baby you get is exactly what you see in photos

The baby does NOT come with any of the outfits pictured...they are baby clothes from my own doll collection. This baby can fit in some preemie and newborn sized baby clothes. I decided to take a chance on this kit, because as a former doll painter, I had everything already on hand to build a baby. Besides, this is my favorite part of making dolls...putting them together and weighing/stuffing them to my preference (I like my dolls a little on the heavier side, cause it makes them feel more realistic to me). The materials you will need to put this kit together (that are NOT included) are: stuffing (I use Polyfil, which you can find on Amazon) and glass beads if you want to add weight to the baby (which you can find here on Amazon as well). If you're putting this baby together for a child, then all you need is just the stuffing. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing you step by step on how to put these dolls together. This kit comes with pre-painted head and limbs, a birth certificate, a cloth body, magnetic pacifier, and some zip ties (which is how you'll attach the head and limbs to the cloth body after you stuff it). I like my babies to have a longer torso, so I didn't use the cloth body included with the kit...I used an old one that I had on hand. The painting is nicely can see some mottling, shading, veins, capillaries, and blushing. The painted hair doesn't look as bad as some others I've looks realistic from a small distance away. The eyebrows are perfectly painted (I can't paint eyebrows to save my life). The only minor issues I had, was the kit doesn't have any eyelashes, the fingernail/toenail tips are too white (look more like a French tip manicure than baby nails), lack of detail on the ears, and the lack of creasing in lips, hands, and feet...which overall does take away from the realism of this doll a little bit. Now I'm saying this from a doll painters perspective...these minor things would largely go unnoticed by the average doll buyer, cause these things wouldn't matter to them and that's totally fine. Besides, if this is for a child, none of that matters anyway...they just want to play with and enjoy it for what it is...a baby doll. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this prepainted doll kit and it would make a nice gift that you can put together yourself. It's a nice way to be able to give someone a handmade gift (cause we're not all doll artists). This doll would also comes in handy for a seamstress who makes baby not only have a model that will hold still for measurements, but you can realistically pose the doll to show off the outfits you made.


Beautifully painted kit.

This kit by Anano is truly great for the price. The head and limbs are painted so nicely and even having blushing and veining details. The eyes are such a beautiful color. The kit comes with everything you need to assemble him except for the polyfill and weighted beads. The head already had polyfill inside, but you will need the polyfill to stuff the cloth body part of the kit. It’s such a great value. And the final picture shows the completed baby!!! So beautiful!!