Nice2you Black Baby Girl



This adorable and realistic baby doll is designed to impress with its beautiful black complexion, ensuring an incredibly cute and lifelike appearance. Its soft skin and hair can be styled and combed, providing a delightful sensory experience for children. With its perfect size, it fits comfortably in little hands, and the charming outfit adds an extra touch of joy to the playtime.

Crafted from premium vinyl PVC, this baby doll is made from materials that are durable. Cleaning is a breeze, allowing children to enjoy playing with it for an extended period without any concerns. The doll's flexible structure enables versatile play, both indoors and outdoors, offering endless entertainment without worrying about damaging it.

Ideal as a birthday gift for girls aged 3 to 12, this black baby doll is a perfect choice. Its realistic features and lifelike appearance are sure to capture their hearts, providing them with hours of imaginative play and delightful companionship.

Playing with baby dolls fosters creativity and imagination in children, and this black baby doll is no exception. It encourages role-playing, imaginative scenarios and nurtures important skills for young minds to develop.

Beyond being a toy, this baby doll contributes to the building of emotional intelligence. Through caring for their baby doll, children learn valuable skills such as empathy, communication, and expressing their feelings in a safe and nurturing environment.

3,344 Reviews


She Loves Her

Sara My Granddaughter absolutely LOVES this doll


Beautiful Doll

I purchased this for my niece, and she loves it; pictures doesn't do its justice for this doll's beauty. I especially love the complexion and hair because of its authenticity.


So cute!

Got this as a gift for a friend’s daughter and she loved it! It’s the perfect size and so cute!


Hair so soft

The little girl loved this doll. She is a petit baby doll I purchased for a 2-year-old child. The hair is super soft and curly, and the outfit is very fun.


Great doll

I want to just rate it five stars without writing a review


Beautiful Doll

My daughter loves! Great quality and great customer service will be buying the other clothes soon as they are back in stock. Recommend buy!


Beautiful doll

This doll has beautiful features and seems to be nicely made, especially given the price in comparison to similar items. We much prefer this doll to several other dolls we have from a more prominent brand.


Was perfect

Second time I ordered this because they messed it up. I received it in just 2 days. Second time around came perfectly. Very easy about the return and was understanding.


Adorable doll for a great price!

I searched for a black doll so I could photograph her for Black Lives Matter cards. Good quality for the price, great curly hair (best feature), toes are individual and separated, just like her fingers. Her head, arms and legs move. Unfortunately, she comes in a cheap plastic bag, so if you want to give as a gift, probably need to buy a gift box. I have no idea how long she would last if a small child was playing with her. May be best for age 8 and up since kids tend to play rough with their toys. More expensive dolls on this site have more obvious African American features, but I don't think she looks like a white doll dyed brown. I adore "Ebony", the first Black doll I have owned. Wish I had one as a child. Deducting one star because of the packaging it comes in does not make it suitable as a gift.



My granddaughter loves it


Very cute doll, nicely made!

It was used for a giving tree gift to a school. They asked for an African American doll. This was very colorful.



Pensé que era más grande pero es muy hermosa


She is a beautiful doll.

I loved the outfit that she was wearing.


Quality of product

Doll was in good shape and granddaughter was happy





My niece loves her

Bought as a big sister gift for my sisters youngest daughter. She squealed with delight when she saw her.


Exactly as described!

I bought the doll as a birthday gift, so I can’t give an accurate review of the doll, but I’m satisfied with my purchase.


Doll is cute

Very cute doll, hard plastic.


Perfect size for shoe box Christmas ministry

I bought this doll to fit inside of a shoe box for our Christmas ministry at church. The doll fit perfectly, she is beautiful, her hair is adorable. I know she's going to make some little girl very happy on Christmas Day


Super cute.

As pictured. Very cute!