Minidiva Pink and Blue Reborn Twins





These adorable Minidiva reborn baby twins are the perfect companions for your little one. With a set of boy and girl twins, these lifelike dolls measure approximately 10 inches (26 cm) from head to toe, providing a compact and huggable size.

Crafted with attention to detail, these dolls feature a gentle touch of silicone head and limbs, along with a doeskin-weighted cloth body, giving them a realistic baby feel. Each doll is dedicatedly handmade, showcasing intricate details such as hair, long eyelashes, flexible hands and feet with nails, and a weighted body. Holding these dolls will make you feel like you're cradling a real baby.

The arms and legs of these dolls can be moved up and down, allowing for interactive play. While they can't cry, laugh, or eat, they can sit and lie down, adding to their lifelike charm.

These lovely dolls make wonderful companions for your child's growth and imagination. They are not only toys but also friends that will accompany your little one on their journey. With their delightful presence, these dolls make great gifts for children, bringing joy and fostering imaginative play.

123 Reviews


Real body parts

My daughter absolutely loves these babies. She’s 6. She has a little brother so the real body parts didn’t phase her at all! But if that’s something that’s going to offend you then I suggest not buying. Other than that they are so cute!


Perfect last minute gift

Order it for a my niece and she loves them. And they came in a day earlier than expected so that was a bonus. Perfect gift for a 5 year old that loves dolls


Very cute

I bought these for my daughter. Very well made. They are tiny dolls. Like it says, only 10in. They have real looking parts down below, comes with the outfit they are wearing and a blanket for each. I would definitely buy these again, just feel the price is a little high.



I was looking for life like baby dolls for my niece and I saw these and instantly bought them! BUT!!! I failed to read that they were anatomically correct!!!! I had to send them back because I could not give them to my 11 year old niece... but they looked so life like! I hated sending them back but, ya know.


Perfect buy!

They’re very well made. Not cheap looking, and they are adorable! My daughter loves them both! She’s 4 and wants to hold both at the same time, the size is perfect!


Awesome baby dolls!

Bought as a gift for a friend’s 6 year old. She loves them and they are the perfect size!


So tiny and cute!!!

These dolls were perfect size to give my 8 yr old granddaughter. She loves them so much. I would definitely recommend them.


Super cute baby dolls!

I got these as a present for a little girl. She was thrilled and loved them! Very cute baby dolls although they was a little smaller than I was expecting them to be. I still was satisfied with my purchase.


Daughter loves them!

My eight year-old daughter asked for these dolls for her birthday, she loves them. They look pretty real.


Very happy with the product.

They are in great shape. Look amazing. Can't wait for Christmas to give them to my daughter.