Kaydora Weighted Baby Doll





This lifelike baby girl doll will captivate you with her mesmerizing blue eyes, delicate eyelashes, and realistic wig hair. Every tiny detail is meticulously hand-painted, from her wrinkled little fingers to her 3/4 movable vinyl arms and legs, allowing you to pose her in various positions.

Measuring 22 inches from head to toe, this doll provides a truly immersive experience with its soft cotton cloth weighted body, creating a lifelike feel that resembles a real baby. Dress her up in adorable newborn clothes (0-3 months) for an extra touch of charm.

This versatile doll is perfect for various occasions and activities. Whether it's a birthday present, a Christmas gift, a preschool activity, or simply engaging in imaginative play at home, she is sure to bring joy and endless entertainment. Let your child explore the world of nurturing play and role-playing with this lifelike companion.

The package includes:

  • Charming suit
  • Pacifier
  • Feeding bottle
  • Birth certificate

These items provide everything you need to care for and engage with your precious doll. Embrace the joy of parenthood and cherish unforgettable moments with this remarkable baby girl doll.

3,294 Reviews


Beautiful baby.

My granddaughter loves her!



My great granddaughter loved this doll. She was very pretty doll and the outfit that came with her was perfect


This baby doll looks pretty real

My 3 yr granddaughter takes her everywhere. My 7 yr old granddaughter loves playing with her too.


Real deal

She is a little pricey but she is the size of a real baby. Too big for 3 yrs and under. Great doll for older children.


Literally the little things.

Gat it for my granddaughter & she takes it where ever she goes.


My Granddaughter loves it!

We are giving this two thumbs up. This doll is stuffed so much that it looks like a linebacker. So I’ve decided to show it to my granddaughter and if she doesn’t like it, I will return it, because it’s huge and arms and legs are too overstuffed. I’m not impressed considering how much I paid. I’ll wait and see if she likes it or not. The jury is in! We gave it to our Granddaughter and she loves it! Granddaughter is happy and so is Grandma!


I won Christmas this year

We counted and the kid had like 100 gifts to unwrap this year. Days after Christmas she was still obsessed with this doll and hardly played with other stuff. She wanted to hug me and play with me only because I was the one who bought this doll!



This doll is beyond beautiful,! beyond precious and beyond spectacular!


Looks cute and lifelike

This was a gift purchased for an unknown child for Christmas. Hope she liked it.



Mi hija quedo encantada con si juguete