Kaydora Sleeping Girl





This reborn features an incredibly realistic design, the Kaydora real-life doll closely resembles a real baby. Every intricate detail, from facial expressions to eyelashes, eyebrows, and even tiny nails, contributes to its genuine appearance.

Crafted with superior quality in mind, this superb newborn real-life baby doll is made from durable and flexible silicone. The head, 3/4 of the arms, and 3/4 of the legs are constructed with silicone, while the remaining parts of the doll are crafted from all-natural cotton.

This adorable reborn comes with:

  • Cute pink outfit
  • Pacifier
  • Baby bottle
  • Birth certificate.

1,976 Reviews



This doll is incredible! I bought one for my daughter and kept it for myself. When I held it, I felt like I was holding a real sleeping baby. I bought my daughter another one so we have twins, but that’s my guilty pleasure i don’t share with everyone. My daughter however takes her baby every where, and everywhere we go, people are fooled into thinking she is carrying a real living breathing baby. Definitely worth the money.


Very Lifelike

Love this baby doll. Bought it for my older sister who has Alzheimer's dementia. Perfect for this purpose.



I wouldn't say she's "lifelike" up close but she's pretty cute. My granddaughter loves her and that's what matters.


Bought for my 8 yr old grand daughter!

I thought my grand daughter was out of the doll stage but to my surprise she asked for "one last dolly" before she turns nine. But this doll had to have all the bells and whistles she was asking for. What are those? The size of a newborn check! Soft Check! Sleeping eyes Check! A real looking bottle and paci Check! Bonus the pacifier is magnetized to the mouth when in use. She also comes with a little blanket. According to the new little mommy she said "the blanket is too small for the baby" But Its still cute. The other great thing is she made her doll a cradle out of the box! The dolls looks and feels so real and is very pretty. The only other thing was that she wasn't blond haired, but it hit all the pluses for my grand daughter! Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll.... spot on!



Le gustó mucho a mi niña gracias


This doll was good for 60 bucks.

This product is probably made for role playing at your house. The paint job is okay for 60 dollars. The hair is a little loaded and the eyebrows are painted, but like I said it is 60 dollars and better dolls are thousands.



This doll is just adorable and is much better quality for the price than I expected. Her body is soft and slightly weighted so she feels and looks real when being held. I bought her for my granddaughters and they are so in love with her.


Baby doll

It was a gift to my niece for her birthday and she loved the baby doll.


Calidad buena

Muy real....


How much does she weigh?

Loved it! Gave for a birthday gift. Great price & so real looking. Was very happy with my purchase!😊