Kaydora Mini Reborn Twins




These 10-inch Kaydora twin reborn dolls feature a lifelike newborn appearance with hand-set eyelashes. The boy twin has open eyes, while the girl twin has closed eyes. With wrinkled little fingers and hand-painted hair and details, they achieve a realistic newborn look.

Designed at a perfect size, these twins come with a soft vinyl full body, allowing them to be bathed for interactive play. The twins' arms and legs are adjustable, offering flexibility for various poses, and they can sit and lie down realistically due to their vinyl full body.

Whether it's for a birthday present, Christmas gift, preschool activity, home activity, role play, nurturing play, or doll collection, these twins have a wide range of applications.

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Excelente y.lindos.

Hermosos bebés


Excellent and realistically correct

I love these! I have a four-year-old little girl and a 24-month-old little boy and just had a brand new baby boy a few weeks ago, so I ordered these for my two kids and brought them home for each of them when I came home with the new baby. They are perfect. It seemed like some reviews had mentioned exaggerated private parts or exaggerated blushing on the cheeks and knees or other areas but I really don’t think the pink is that bad at all, I mean come on they’re plastic dolls, and the private parts seem totally fine to me. The boy is not very big at all but neither are my kids so I think his area is the way it should be. He definitely seems circumcised to me though because my boys are not but I think they did a really good job making him so that he wasn’t exaggeratedly circumcised or not circumcised so he would work either way for either type of boy. The only slight disappointment I had was I thought these were solid dolls that could go in the bathtub as well and not fill up with water inside, but they are not solid silicone, they are hollow, but that’s fine because that way they’re not too heavy but instead just right, but my daughter can squish the head of her doll if she squeezes it. Great purchase, I am very happy and so are my kids. Now I just need to find another anatomically correct little boy doll for my new baby sometime this next year! Honestly I will even buy this set again if I don’t find a single boy for him just like these.


Adorable babies

They're beautiful and so realistic. I got them for my 7yo. She already has two of the bigger reborn babies with weighted bodies but wanted something she could play with in the tub and pool so I searched for full silicone ones and found these twins for a really good price. I was worried that they were way too small but when they came I realized that they aren't that small, especially for a 7yo to play with


Great price, great dolls.

My daughter loves these and takes them everywhere. For the cost, they are a great buy, but you need to be aware that they are definitely small, newborn style dolls, like very small. Both fit in a regular 15" doll carrying seat. However, the fact that they come with clothes and are very cute compensate for the surprise of their size.


Perfect for teaching toddlers differences

Eyes closed on the girl


My 5 year old loves these so much!

There are my 5 year old daughters favorite toys she is obsessed with them. 😍


Beautiful for Price

Really cute details only possible complaint is on one eye the lashes were glued on slightly crooked, but anatomically correct and everything. Soft rubber material. Adorable for price.



Ordered 2 sets of dolls for both my girls only got one set there beautiful babys very small but cute and there soft one of my daughter's were very excited the other one is still waiting





Small reborn type baby dolls

These were bought for my grandgirl who is eight. They're beautiful and she adores them, but they're MUCH smaller than anticipated. Otherwise, a great product.