JIZHI Baby Boy (Anatomically Correct)



After a day filled with curiosity about the world, this sweet little one has peacefully drifted off into dreamland. As he sleeps so serenely, your love for him continues to blossom.

With his endearing expressions, charming features, long limbs, and delicate wrinkled fingers and toes, this newborn boy doll truly comes to life. His soft body provides a realistic feel, making it seem as if you're cradling a real baby in your arms.

Measuring 17 inches from head to toe, this adorable baby doll is fully poseable, featuring a soft vinyl body and hand-painted hair. You can dress him up in newborn or preemie-size clothes and diapers to create the cutest outfits.

The package includes everything you need to care for him:

  • Clothing set
  • Nursing bottle
  • Magnetic pacifier
  • Birth certificate
  • Gift box

2,436 Reviews


Love it!

The doll is really cute but to real I would not recommend to kids. Adults who collect dolls yes , didn’t knew that this baby has his private part .


Love it

It is a bit smaller that I thought it will be, but my daughter absolutely loves it and that is what is important.


llego a tiempo para el regalo

A mi hija le gusto mucho



My kids love their babies. They look so realistic they’ve been tricking our friends and neighbors into thinking they’re playing with real babies. Lol Good quality, great detail, clothing and accessories are great too. All the neighborhood kids are asking where we got them now. Perfect baby dolls.


My daughter loves it

It's so realistic! My daughter loves him. I just told her since he literally looks real from far away you wouldn't know the difference so don't leave him out in the car because I'm afraid someone would break my window thinking they'd be saving a child lol. Truthfully I would! My daughter wants to pick a girl now.


Real life baby doll

This was as expected and adorable. Granddaughter loves it.



All I have to say for this seller is I am very very please with the item. The doll was made with a lot of time and effort to create such a real looking thing. Everyone I showed loved the doll.


Life-like doll

My daughter absolutely loves this doll. It really does look like a real baby at first glance. In fact, so real that I have told her to hide it in the vehicle while we're in the store because I don't want people thinking there was a baby left in the vehicle, because trust me, If I would have seen that doll in someone's vehicle I would have smashed a window in thinking it was a real baby!


Remember he’s affordable and a doll.

He’s definitely a doll, and is stiff like a doll, there’s somethings I pick at about him but the things I point out are in the more expensive reborn options, but he’s super soft, and the details are AMAZING!! He’s worth every penny, and I definitely recommend him for your first reborn purchase, especially if you’re looking for a more affordable option, I’m actually looking into getting his sister too. He’s sweet and adorable, my toddler even loves him, and is super gentle with him as if he were real. My significant others coworkers were also confused and thought he was real. Super happy with my purchase. I’ll definitely be shopping with this company again.


Buy him!!!

I bought 2 for my daughters for Christmas! I was apprehensive about quality bc of some of the reviews but I went ahead and got them! They’re really sweet and beautifully made babies. They have painted veins in their face, soft spots and real eyelashes. The hair is painted and so well done. They are anatomically correct! If you need clothing buy preemie size it fits them perfectly. If you can wait for Prime day or a sale I got them for $49 each. Well worth that and worth the original price. My friend makes reborn dolls and she charges up to $800 and these are just as beautiful to me especially for kids, I’m not buying a $400 doll. Do not wash these dolls with harsh chemicals it’ll run their paint off, do not put in the bath, they’re no sealed and water will submerge the body and get mold. The seller says you can, but bad idea!!! All in all I think they’re perfect. Take care 🥰