JIZHI African American Baby Doll


This truly captivating 17-inch baby doll by JIZHI radiates realism and brings immense joy and heartwarming care. Embrace her tenderly in your arms and lose yourself in the precious moments of her early days in this wondrous world. Every heartwarming expression she wears will captivate you, creating treasured memories during your cherished moments together.

This lively and adorable baby doll features hand-applied curls, wispy eyelashes, and delicate half-moon shape fingernails and toenails, adding to her lifelike charm. Her real-looking baby face and slightly open mouth, perfect for thumb-sucking, make her dynamic and irresistible. With a soft cloth body and hand-painted hair, she feels remarkably soft and cuddly, just like a real baby in your arms.

The package includes:

  • Nursing bottle
  • Magnetic Pacifier
  • Birth Card
  • Clothing set
  • Gift Box

1,325 Reviews


Very pleased

Doll came packaged very well. My daughter loves this doll. I can't get her to put it down. This doll is worth every dollar because it puts a smile on her face.Well made. Overall I am happy.


As advertised! Love ❤️ it.

Would definitely order again. The doll is adorable and life like my granddaughter loves it.


Baby came just like in pictures and descriptions! Beautiful soft hair !

I absolutely love this baby doll she is so precious and her hat was very easy to style. Highly recommend.



Neice loves it


My goddaughter Loved It!

Greetings and Good Evening, I Purchased, this baby doll for my goddaughter. She specifically asked for her and at first I didn’t know what she was talking about. After doing research on the doll, I decided to purchase it for her. When she opened the present, she was beside herself because she did not know if I had really purchased it or not. From the moment she open the box until she returned back home with her Christmas presents she did not let that baby doll out of her sight. She is dressing the baby up With real baby clothes and it is so adorable. I want to thank the company for sending a special gift to her also to go with the doll baby. That was very appreciative. Thank you for making my goddaughter’s Christmas one of the best Christmas. She’s ever had so far. From a very satisfied customer.


How fast I receive my order

For my grand kids they love the dolls


🥰 Cute!!!!

I bought this doll as a birthday gift 🎁 for one of my students! She wanted a Reborn doll! She is so life-like! She absolutely loves it!


She’s adorable ☺️

My daughter loves her, which makes her worth the money to me! I purchased the vinyl body doll, so she looks very realistic all over, and my daughter loves changing her diapers. My mom bought her a couple of newborn outfits and they fit great, though I’m going to try the preemie clothes to see how they fit too. I kind of wish her hair was a tad bit longer, but she’s still beautiful. I’m already shopping for a brother for her for Christmas, lol.


This is a great gift to give

My Granddaughter really enjoys her real baby doll. It's so life like. This baby doll will fool alots of people... Because it looks so REAL


Very Happy 9yr Old

Purchased for my daughter’s birthday and she loves her. She wears preemie and newborn clothes. I purchased the full vinyl one