ENADOLL Silicone Weighted Reborn





The Pink Mouse Girl baby doll is a charming and lifelike companion for children. With her big blue eyes and handcrafted fluffy artificial hair, she looks incredibly realistic. The hair can be shaped, combed, washed, and even cut to create different styles. Our gift set includes not only the doll but also clothes, a matching pacifier, and a feeding bottle, providing everything your child needs for interactive play.

The doll's head, arms, and legs are made of soft silicone vinyl materials, consisting of 15% silicone and 85% vinyl. This combination ensures a soft and tactile feel that closely resembles a real baby. The weighted cloth body adds to the doll's lifelike quality. The clothes included in the set are made from eco-friendly PP soft fabric and polyester fiber, reflecting the commitment to both quality and sustainability. The doll is 100% handcrafted, ensuring attention to detail and a unique character for each one.

Measuring approximately 15-17 inches from head to toe and weighing about 2 lbs, this baby doll is perfectly designed for toddlers aged 3 and above. Its size and weight make it easy for young children to carry and play with comfortably. Please keep in mind that since each doll is hand-crafted, there may be slight variations in measurements and naturally curved legs, adding to the doll's authenticity.

Aside from being a delightful playmate, this baby doll offers various developmental benefits for children. Playing with dolls stimulates imagination and creativity while also encouraging a sense of responsibility in their daily lives. It's a wonderful tool for nurturing important life skills and positive personality development.

Not only is this baby doll a great choice for children's birthdays and Christmas gifts, but it also serves as a valuable tool for preschool and home activities, role-playing, and nurturing play. Additionally, collectors will appreciate the doll's exquisite craftsmanship and lifelike appearance, making it a cherished addition to their collections.

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Does Anyone Else Get Freaked Out By These Dolls? LOL

First of all, I'm a mom of TWO daughters, thankfully one of them is only four months old, and currently only wants to chew my clothes so I don't have to worry about sharing tantrums right this minute. Because this doll is going to be an issue when my daughter see's it. Reason? I didn't buy it for my four year old, but for her cousin whose turning six. You see my issue, right? When she gets a load of this doll she is going to freak. Grown women in my office freaked when I showed them all. It's just so darn cute. I wanted to squish it to me like I would my four month old, and talk gooey baby talk to it. Heck, I want one of these. And dolls creep me out. (I blame my sister and Chucky movies....just saying.) Ok, so for the business about this doll, besides her being so darn cute...she comes in this wonderfully giftable box that does have the "doll care" on the back of the box. Once you open it, the doll (We got the Mouse doll FYI), is in a nice zippered plastic bag to keep her safe from shipping, and she even has a net around her whole face, keeping her hair perfectly down. There were no jagged pieces of hair flopping up at all, which is a huge plus when your spending forty bucks on a baby doll. As you can see from my pictures, she has a hard, but soft head, legs, and arms that are not plastic hard, and have a little give to them if you squeeze, while also having a smooth texture with a little, barely there rubber silicone feel. Now her body is not plastic. It's a soft material, but when I say soft, it's not cotton fluff, but a material fabric that's filled with hardier material. I think it's perfect for a children's toy as this doll is hug worthy, and the body makes her feel even more hug-able. Her eyes are sparkling, but I will say her left eye has a little dusty looking film in a line, but I'm sure the child I'm giving her to won't even notice. Her eyelashes are beautiful, and full and thick, and no she doesn't blink. Her little fingernails and toenails have a sheen painted on them to where they are shiny, which I think is such a cute touch! And her lips are painted a pretty pink color, and the color itself is raised a bit with a silicone feel to it also, which is another cute touch as it makes her more "real." As for her hair, no it doesn't feel like real hair to me, and it also feels a little sparse if you're actually running your fingers through it. Since it's hand done, there are brown strings you might see in her stands that were long. I found two, and cut those short so you can't see it horribly. You definitely won't be putting the hair in pigtails, etc. as when raised you can see the weaving of her hair. Her outfit is a cute, super soft pink mouse outfit that is very well made! The hat ties under her chin, and easily comes off her head, and the onsie has snaps on the front that seem like they'll hold up. The material shoes are adorable, and come off nicely, but without fear that they'll easily slip off. The whole outfit is incredibly soft, and I know my daughter would love to snuggle up next to this doll! I was actually surprised to see a diaper when I went to see how easily the snaps would open up (they do require some tugging). The Mouse doll also comes with a magnet pacifier, and a little bottle. For the price, I honestly thing it's great quality, and the doll is just so darn cute! I will say the only disappointments, if you can even call it that, is that the bangs aren't perfect, and there were a few longer strands that went too close to her eyes that I did cut before posting a picture, and there were two long brown strings I cut. There is a small dusty looking line in one eye (that you'd really have to look for), and you can see the white plastic of where her head meets the body when her outfit slips down in the back. That, to me, is really being nitpicky, and not worth a downed star, so I still hold to my five stars. This is a super cute doll, and I'm debating right now even showing my daughter as I know she'll freak and want her. So it looks like I may be buying this for a Christmas present. LOL!


La calidad

Este producto es lindo pero en verdad d poca calidad mi niña cambiándole d ropa se le desprendió un brazo fácilmente y ya no tuve tiempo d devolución ella muy 😭 no es justo el precio y cuando la comenzó a usar romperse


Looks Like A “Real” Baby

My friend just had a baby and she wanted her 2yo daughter to have her own baby doll to care for when she brought the new baby home from the hospital. I looked at the faces of all the dolls and couldn’t believe how real to life this one looked. I did not expect it to be the same in real life. It “exceeded“ all of my expectations. It was beautiful and oh so perfect for her daughter. Perfect size. Most precious face I have ever seen on a doll. Real hair. Real eyelashes. Extremities soft like real skin. And the price was unbelievably low. It came with a magnetic pacifier that was not in the original ad and I was thrilled with it. I actually took a picture of it to send to someone not telling them it was a doll and they thought it was a real baby. I would highly recommend this doll. You will not be disappointed baby 👶 🍼


So life like

My grand daughter absolutely loved this baby she got as a birthday gift from us.


Precious baby doll

I bought this for a birthday gift. This baby doll is adorable. It was packaged so nice.


This doll is adorable

This doll is adorable, small, lightweight and my daughter's love how she came wearing a diaper.


La responsabilidad

Me agrado todo, pero para lo que necesitaba no me sirvio



She looked like a real baby


Better than I thought

I bought it for my granddaughter, and she loved it, it's such a beautiful doll, the size and the material, I loved it too.


My 7 year old loves this doll

My daughter loved seeing this on Christmas morning since she asked specifically for a “real” looking baby. She was thrilled and I do think it looks fairly real. The hair isn’t super cute but she is cute enough with the bonnet on. Much more affordable than some other brands.