Black Mini Reborn Doll




Experience the wonder of Adora Adoption Baby Joy, a charming 16-inch newborn doll seeking her forever home. With lifelike features and a soft, cuddly body, she captures the essence of a real baby. Embrace the baby powder scent and cherish her open/closed eyes, movable head, and 3/4 vinyl limbs, creating an immersive playtime experience that encourages empathy and kindness.

This adorable black mini baby doll comes with a variety of accessories to enhance pretend play. The set includes a :

  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Pacifier
  • Hospital bracelet
  • Disposable diaper
  • Her very own crib

Wrapped in a cozy, microfiber blanket, she's ready for snuggles and care. Designed to be at the heart of all your cherished memories, this realistic black baby doll is the perfect gift for children aged 3 and over. With a dark skin tone, captivating brown eyes, and a cuddly bean bag weighted body, she's an irresistible companion. Let her sweet, adorable face bring joy and warmth to your child's playtime adventures.

4,842 Reviews


Worth it

This baby is so snuggly. She’s soft and adorable. She’s weighted in her bottom so she can sit up. She smells good too. The best thing about these dolls is the way they feel when you hold them: heavier than a hollow baby and the weight shifts so it’s almost like a real baby (at least in the mind of my daughter). The price is high compared to other dolls, but it’s easily the second favorite at my house (coming after another Adora baby that makes noises). Favorite Christmas gift for sure.



It was gorgeous my grandaughter loved it❤️


Best doll I’ve bought yet

This doll is perfect. Has a nice weight to it. Lots of little details. She is my granddaughter’s favorite


Adora is Beautiful!

I needed girl toys for my only 1 1/2 year old granddaughter. This baby doll feels like a real baby and her eyes shut when you lay her down. She loves her so much. I read reviews about her having an odor. I think she smells sweet and it’s not at all overwhelming. We are so happy to have this doll to teach nurturing.


To heavy

My granddaughter loved it, but it is very heavy so she drags it on the floor


Great doll!

My 7 yo just got this for her bday & she is so in love. It is a very pretty baby; realistic but not so much that it’s creepy. I love that it’s weighted so it feels real. My daughter liked the scent; I personally think it smells more like feminine hygiene products than baby powder, but.. it’s not horrible or overwhelming. The outfit it comes with is really cute, and nice quality. We also bought a couple preemie outfits that fit it too.


It’s looks & acts like a real newborn baby!!

My 2 year old granddaughter is in heaven with the baby. She’s just 2. She covers the baby with the blanket as well as giving the baby her bottle. She loves it. This gift helps babies understand responsibility and love. They will also be more experienced in understanding responsibility. I’m not saying that 2 years olds need this at such a young age. It’s a natural way to learn about life. It brings mommy & baby closer.


Most Loved!! Quality Doll!!

My 6 year old daughter was so happy with this doll!! I highly recommend it!! Quality made and adorable baby doll!!


Granddaughter’s favorite gift

Adorable my granddaughter takes it everywhere. She is 3


Miles from granddaughter

Smiles from granddaughter! She’s five and loves baby dolls… With ordering the brown eyes in this pink blanket which is just like one she’s had since she was born… Was the hit of Christmas