Berenguer Mini Reborn Twins



This delightful set features two huggable mini-reborn dolls with captivating blue and brown eyes and the most adorable facial expressions, making them irresistibly charming.

Each doll measures 13" and boasts a soft body with a life-like vinyl head, hands, and feet. Keeping these dolls clean is a breeze. Simply spot-wash the body with warm water and mild soap, and the removable owl-themed outfits with matching hats can be conveniently machine-washed.

The soft and cuddly bodies of these dolls are designed to encourage non-stop hugging, holding, and special care. By engaging in nurturing play, children can develop essential self-soothing techniques while fostering a sense of compassion and responsibility.

These dolls were also designed by Berenguer and exemplify the commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

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Cute twin dolls

Very cute baby dolls. Their soft bodies make them so cuddly. My granddaughters will love them!


Would buy again

My 19-month old granddaughter loves these. Perfect size for her little arms. Lightweight, plus soft & cuddly.


granddaughter is very happy with them

granddaughter likes them



Super cute Great size for a 2 year old toddler


Adorable dolls

These baby dolls are adorable. Faces so cute. Perfect size for toddlers. Very huggable and soft bodies. I bought these for OCC shoebox gifts. Will fit into shoebox with no problem. Good quality dolls.



Ok. So the ones I got look exactly like those pictured. I'm not a huge fan of dolls, so I found these to be creepy. I left them on my husbands side of the bed, and when he saw them, well. Let's just say I thought there must have been a shrill little girl in my room for a second. After some manly expletives, I knew it was just him. I must admit the dolls are slightly better in person. The boy is almost cute. I bought these for my one year old's birthday. I showed them to her early to make sure she liked them before fully committing to them. An hour later, I still haven't been able to get them away from her. I'm in no mood for a screaming match for the rest of the day, so happy early birthday, kid. She loves them. Edit: My daughter is now 2.5 yo, and she STILL loves these dolls. They get played with daily. My youngest is about to turn 1, and I wanted to get a similar doll for her birthday, but in the time we've had them, I've run across a few issues. 1) Since my toddler plays with these dolls daily, they get dragged everywhere. They are dirty. I have taken their onesies off to wash. They technically come out cleaner looking, but they hold stains really well. The onesies pill horribly, and those pills collect dirt, and that dirt doesn't come out in the wash. It's embarrassing to have to take them in public... We've had people comment, "Oooooh! Cute dolls. Maybe you need to let Mommy give them a bath?" Even though I just washed them... 2) The owl on the front of the onesies comes off. My daughter must have picked at it while "sleeping." We've never found the picked off parts... Thankfully, she must have passed them without issue, but if she had choked, we'd be having a different conversation. For the record, she didn't get to have them in her crib until she was of the recommended age for these toys (24 months), and we never saw them falling off or looking like they could be peeled off, so she must have completed her work in one night. 3) One of the dolls was in the storage basket under our umbrella stroller. The stroller got folded up and put in the truck. We later discovered the doll, got her out, and her head was deformed. It eventually went back to its original shape, but there are now permanent black marks where the plastic had been deformed. Just completing her Pigpen look I suppose. I'll keep the review at 5 stars because my daughter LOVES these dolls, but I'm not sure I'd buy them again because of the outfits.


Granddaughters present

She adores them


Cute dolls

I bought the dolls for my granddaughter. I really liked the outfit on the box. One piece outfit is easier to keep track of. Instead dolls came with 2 piece pajamas. I don't know if I will buy again. Smaller than expected. Says 2+ for age. My granddaughter will be 2 in March. These are too small for her.


Just what I wanted

These were actually for ME. My twin grandbabies were premature and 13” inches long. They are now 20 years old and sophomores in college. It’s hard to remember those fragile days of only 2 lbs each and long hospital stay and I wanted these as a visual to help me recall just how tiny they were Dolls are sweet and I’m eager to show grandkids.


2 little cuties that are very well made

Very cute, soft and cuddly. Very well made