Aori Reborn With Teddy Set





The Aori reborn baby girl is a captivating African American doll that will leave you in awe. This doll is skillfully hand-painted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a truly realistic and enchanting appearance. Crafted from soft vinyl, this doll features hand-painted lips and fingernails, as well as manually implanted eyelashes. The doll's full set of high-quality hair adds to her lifelike charm. Even the little hands and feet boast a gentle blush, adding to the overall realism.

Prepare to be fascinated by the gorgeous lifelike design of this baby doll. With her cute face and huggable body, she exudes a remarkable realism that is sure to delight. She is 22 inches tall with a weight of nearly 4 pounds, providing a substantial and lifelike feel. The doll's moveable hands allow for easy positioning in sitting and lying positions, enhancing the play experience. Additionally, she can comfortably wear regular newborn-size clothes, adding to her versatility.

This lifelike baby doll is designed to bring joy, fun, and educational value to playtime. It also offers an interactive and engaging experience for toddlers, fostering their imagination and cognitive development.

The doll comes beautifully packaged in a gift box and includes a comprehensive set of accessories for caring for her.

The package includes:

  • Reborn doll
  • Outfit
  • Plush teddy
  • Mat
  • Magnet pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Birth certificate

The thoughtful accessory set ensures that you can enjoy a completely nurturing experience with the doll. Whether it's for a special occasion or simply to bring a smile to someone's face, this lifelike doll is sure to spread joy and create lasting memories.

3,130 Reviews


Really Cute

I have bought 6 in total within two months 4 grand daughters and two great nieces they all love their new baby dolls. Very well made. But not quite so real like. Delivery was awesome.


It was great

My granddaughter loved it


She's Adorable

My granddaughter loves her baby!! She has been everywhere with this doll. So realistic !! Two grandaughters now want a boy doll just as realistic.



People really thought this was a real baby. My daughter loves her 10 out of 10


Beautiful Realistic Baby Doll

Oh my....I can't say enough good things about this sweet little baby doll. My 6 yr. old Great Grandaughter fell in love with her the moment she tore the Christmas wrapping off. She could hardly wait to open the box. And included are the sweet little Teddy Bears which makes this a complete package of joy for any wee one who is lucky to receive it.


Good value

I really loved this doll and she is exactly as pictured. Her hair is very full and soft unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to it - no reflection on the doll. The doll has an adorable outfit and a cuddly body. I found that she was weighted nicely more than the usual dolls online. Would recommend!


She’s adorable

Isn’t she lovely. I was expecting full vinyl for my 3 year old. Returned but she adorable


Brought tears to my eyes

Any mother, but particularly mothers of brown skinned girls, will have an immediate reaction when you see this doll in person. She has the sweetest expression. Every aspect of this doll is as close as you can get to the real thing (size, weight, feel, hair.) Holding the doll feels very much like holding my children when they were babies. If I were to have any criticism for this doll it would be the color, which is off just a bit. Matching the glorious hues of women of color is tricky though, so can't hold this subtle variance against the manufacturer. Purchased this for my 7yo - however, Sophia Mae (as my daughter named her) has become part of the family to the extent that all the women in my family had the same reaction I did when they first saw/held her (overwhelmed/slightly teary), and everyone ask "how she's doing" when they speak to my daughter. You will not be disappointed. It's listed currently for less than I paid - but still worth every penny.



She's here she's here she's here!!!! I'm so excited I've been collecting reborns for 4 years I have real reborns that were custom-made by reborn artist to having Ashton Drake dolls this is the first time I ever heard of this brand of reborn (Aori) but I'm excited about this one, as soon as I saw her face I fell in love I'm not going to open her untill Christmas but so far I'm very pleased PS- ( I did take a little peek) LOL Wrapped by me..... UPDATE: it's Christmas and I finally opened my baby she is breathtaking I'm so in love with her I did have to re weigh her because she didn't weigh that much but other than that she is beautiful she's perfect when other reviews complaint about her having bald spots and not having enough hair but my baby has a beautiful full head of hair and her vinyl so soft and squishy I'm just so impressed with her especially considering that I never heard of this brand before this purchase (Aori) and I've gotten so many Ashton Drake dolls and I honestly believe this doll is twice the better quality then Ashton-Drake so I would have to highly recommend especially considering the price it's so cheap and it's still such a good quality!!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO REGARDS!!!!!!



I am obsessed. Just the most beautifully made doll ever!! Looks so real! I played a prank on my mom acting like I had another baby, she almost slapped me through the phone 😂❤️