Aori Reborn Baby Girl With Teddy




When it comes to ensuring your little one's happiness, no compromise is made. This realistic baby doll is meticulously crafted using premium quality and highly durable soft vinyl, a special material that is safe and skin-friendly. The doll's exquisite features are the result of skilled artisans who have hand-painted the lips and fingernails and meticulously implanted the eyelashes.

Prepare to be amazed by the lifelike details of this baby doll. From the full set of high-quality hair to the subtle blushing on its delicate hands and feet, every aspect has been carefully designed. The doll's realistic weight and movable hands allow for easy posing, adding to its authenticity. It can even wear regular newborn-size clothes, further enhancing the lifelike experience.

This 22-inch tall doll is designed to be ultra-realistic, weighing nearly 4 pounds. Its lifelike features and charming blushing effect on the hands and feet make it truly captivating.

It comes beautifully packaged in a gift box and includes a complete set of accessories for caring for a newborn. The package includes:

  • Clothes
  • Plush teddy bear
  • Mat
  • Blanket
  • Hairband
  • Magnet pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Birth certificate

1,790 Reviews


Muy bonita

Esta hermosa su ropa muy bonita de buena calidad


Beautiful doll!

I love reborn dolls, but the real artist reborn dolls are soooo far out of my price range. This doll by Aori is a wonderful, budget-friendly alternative. She's not as detailed as an artist reborn, but she's still pretty lifelike and very cute. She has big blue eyes with long lashes, chubby cheeks, and a sweet expression. Her hair is a doll wig, not rooted, so it can be brushed but not really styled but that doesn't bother me. She's weighted a little so she feels floppy and heavy, and she's very nice to hold. The bear she comes with is adorable, and the arms and legs are even jointed! I'd definitely recommend this doll, and other Aori dolls, as a more affordable alternative to a reborn baby doll.


So true to real!!

This baby is the prettiest ever! I did buy for a too young girl so will put up for a bit! But so worth the money! 🥰


So happy with this baby!

If you’re on the fence about buying this baby, I’d do it! She is exactly as described in the write up. Look at my video and decide for yourself! I did misspeak when I said her legs could be posed. That’s probably not a good description, but you can cross her feet, etc.


I love my beautiful baby!

She looks into my eyes. Her eyes are lovely blue. Her clothes have feminine touches: faux pearls, embroidery, sequins. Her bear is adorable. I know she's a doll, but I could almost forget. As an older disabled lady, who didn't have children, it is healing to cuddle this lightly weighted angel. There are dolls that look more real, but they cost so much more. I don't care to change diapers, so no need for realistic personal parts. I didn't give 5 stars for durability, because: a) children must be old enough to take care not to wet the cloth covered torso, as it could mold; b) I couldn't resist cutting her bangs, because they went into her eyes. With experience, I did a nice job. However, younger kids could mess it up.


Best baby doll we’ve purchased thus far

These dolls are so cute! They’re the most realistic looking aside from the creepy dolls that look like legitimate babies. Weighted well like a real baby, arms and legs aren’t hard but more like a harder silicone, squish-able. It’s been a while since I’ve had a baby but I’d estimate it’s size to be like a 3-5 month baby size.


Adorable Baby Doll

I bought this baby doll for my 5 year old and she loves her. Beautiful doll, pretty face and painted nails. The hair is nice, she can brush it but it isn't fuzzy. Perfect for a little girl or to display.



This doll is very lifelike. Her hair is silky, her nails look like a newborn, she is weighted to feel like you're holding a real baby. I wish her eyes closed, and her mouth was made to drink a bottle better. All in all my granddaughter loves her!


Beautiful baby

She is beautiful, natural looking hair , features,she is weighted and has a soft feel. Aori is a great place to buy these dolls at a good price.


Weighted & lifelike

Bought this for my special needs teen, and she absolutely adores her. This doll is lifelike, weighs around 4lbs, and fits in her doll carrier, crib, & stroller. Doll was packaged well, with plastic covering her arms & legs. Paci is magnetic, teddy bear is jointed, & super soft, & she even has on a newborn sized diaper underneath her clothes. We were not disappointed in this doll & I’m so glad we picked this one instead of a different one we were looking at! Worth the money!