Aori Brown Reborn Baby Girl With Sunny Bird Accessories





The Aori black baby doll is a remarkable lifelike creation. Hand-painted with the utmost care, this baby doll showcases meticulous artistry. Crafted from soft vinyl, every feature is designed to emulate the realism of a newborn. The lips and fingernails are delicately hand-painted, while the eyelashes are meticulously implanted. With a luxurious full set of high-quality hair, this doll stands out with its exceptional craftsmanship. The gentle blushing on the little hands and feet adds an extra touch of authenticity.

Experience the beauty of a lifelike design as you embrace this adorable baby doll. Its irresistible charm lies in its cute face and huggable body. This 22-inch baby doll boasts an ultra-realistic appearance, weighing nearly 4 pounds. The weighted body adds to its lifelike feel, while the movable hands allow for versatile posing, from sitting to lying positions. Your little one can dress this doll in regular newborn-size clothes, enhancing the authenticity of their playtime experience. The light blushing on the hands and feet further enhances its lifelike appeal.

Let your imagination soar as you or your child embrace the joy and excitement of playtime with this lifelike baby doll. Whether you engage in interactive and educational play or simply enjoy the companionship of a realistic doll, this reborn baby is the perfect choice. Its timeless appeal guarantees that you or your child will cherish and engage with this doll for years to come, creating treasured memories and fostering imaginative play.

Brighten the day of someone special with the gift of this 22-inch baby doll. Encased in an elegant gift box, it presents a heartfelt gesture. The package includes a delightful array of accessories for caring for the newborn doll, including:

  • Outfit
  • Plush bird
  • Mat
  • Hair band
  • Magnet pacifier
  • Bottle
  • Birth certificate
  • Blanket

This all-inclusive gift set empowers you to care for and nurture your new baby doll with everything you need. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion, this lifelike black reborn doll ensures that joy abounds and sparks boundless hours of imaginative play.

1,541 Reviews


Lovely doll

This is a lovely doll. She looks real. She is my niece’s favorite doll.


Absolutely PERFECT baby doll!!

I love this doll and it’s perfectly weighted and so beautiful. I purchased it as a therapy doll for my 100 year old aunt. The quality is exceptional. Jackie





I'm very pleased!

I am well pleased with this doll. I've been collecting reborn dolls for about two years now. This doll is only the ninth one in my collection. I'm so impressed with the quality of this doll. I only paid $51. and some change for this beautiful baby. This is the second doll I've purchased from this company and I definitely plan to purchase more. If you are into collecting reborn dolls or if you just want nice dolls for a daughter, granddaughter,ECT. This company is a great place to start. This doll is the cheapest in my little collection but I can't tell. She is right up there with the dolls I've spent $100.00 for. I love that her her hair is hand rooted and not a glued on wig. Fresh out the box her hair looks a mess. ( The netting that covers the hair during shipping mostly has it looking like that) I adding some mousse to help with the dryness and styled it like I wanted. The hand rooted hair help with parting the hair and versatility ,which makes styling her hair easy and fun! There is a boy doll, that's basically the same kit as this doll, I bought for my God-daughter. I'm going to purchase him next and make them twins. Overall this doll is worth the money! I named her Kaloni. Thanks Aori!!


Adorable and in awe of this crafty doll

I wanted to gift my child a doll that brought back memories of a Wonderful moment in time when my grandmother gifted me the most beautiful doll baby ever! It made my whole experience, crib and all. This doll even reminds me of my little one when she was small like this. The crafted detail and care throughout this piece is astonishing and we Thank You!!


Love at first sight

When my baby girl saw her doll nothing else mattered, it was love at first sight. You can't even leave it in the car because of fear of passing people thinking it's a real baby. She can't part ways with her.


Beautiful, realistic, has not fallen apart or have hair shedding

My daughter loves it.


My niece loves her

Such a pretty doll. She comes with her own birth certificate and a little bear. She's quite heavy. My 4 year old niece can barely walk around with her (She's small for her age though). Seems to be made with good material. She's not as soft as I hoped she would be but she can be moved pretty easily. The pacifier is magnetized so it sticks to her mouth.


She loves this little doll

Seems well made , she loves this little doll and is careful with the hair and so far so good on the hair . The little doll wears newborn sizes. Pacifier and gift box included .


Beautiful baby

She is beautiful ..weighted .. beautiful hair ..soft touch lots of accessories.