Aori African American Baby With Teddy Set




Get ready to be amazed by the realistic details of this black reborn doll. This lifelike baby girl doll is lovingly hand-painted, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship. Made with soft vinyl, every detail has been meticulously designed to capture the essence of a real baby. The lips and fingernails have been delicately painted by hand, while the eyelashes have been manually implanted. With a full set of high-quality hair, this doll stands out from the rest. The little hands and feet even have a subtle blushing effect, adding to her lifelike appearance.

Featuring a gorgeous life-like design, this baby girl doll is a delight to behold. With her cute face and huggable body, she is a truly realistic baby figure. The doll stands at 22 inches tall, weighing approximately 3.4 pounds. Her soft weighted body enhances her lifelike characteristics. The moveable hands allow you to position her in sitting or lying positions with ease. Plus, she can easily wear regular newborn-size clothes, adding to her realism and playability.

Designed to bring joy and delight, this lifelike baby girl doll will make playtime more engaging and exciting. Whether you want to provide your toddler with an interactive and educational playtime experience or simply enjoy the companionship of a lifelike doll, this reborn baby is the perfect choice.

The doll comes beautifully packaged in a gift box and it also includes a full set of accessories for taking care of a newborn. The package includes:

  • Outfit
  • Plush teddy
  • Mat
  • Magnet pacifier
  • Feeding bottle

This complete set of accessories ensures that you or your loved one has everything that is needed to care for and nurture this stunning black reborn doll.

181 Reviews



I got this doll for my little girl. When I opened the box I wanted to keep her for myself. She is so pretty. I can't wait to give her to my little girl.


Beautiful Baby

I purchase two of these babies for my daughters for Christmas. I must say they are in love with them. They def give a real baby effect and are nice cuddle toys for your child. I have purchased a total up to date now of 4. The product is a 10/10 and it comes with little accessories and so neat and cute in the box. The presentation is everything. Don’t wait or hesitate purchase you will not be disappointed.


Very cute!

I’m very pleased with this product. It looks as pictured. Very soft like skin. Possible arms and legs. I changed her clothes.


I love her

My Grandbaby love her


Worth the money!

I brought this beautiful doll for my 5 year old granddaughter and she was absolutely in Love when she opened the box Christmas morning. She came with so many extras such as bottles, pacifier, little brown bear etc... She does have some weight on her so smaller children may struggle carrying their doll for long periods I would recommend getting a cute doll stroller...



Got this for my daughter for Christmas and she loved it it has weight to it like a real baby so cute and the size of a real baby


Baby doll

This baby is perfect. She is just like a real baby.


It’s a perfect gift for a children!

I bought my little girl a similar one a few days prior to buying this one. When my daughter showed my next-door neighbors little girl I could see in her little face that she would love one for herself. She’s a very selfless little girl and very kind and when she plays with my daughter she’s very protective and Sweet. So I got this one for her!! Her mom took a video for me so I can see her sweet little face and it was exactly My goal, a beautiful smile!!! Job done!!!


Granddaughter loved it

Only problem hair is not natural all of one week and hair got matted besides that wonderful products



Absolutely beautiful doll. I didn’t expect such great quality. Great buy