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How To Travel With Reborn Dolls

By June 8, 2021How To Guides
How To Travel With Reborn Dolls

Ever wanted to know how you can travel with your reborn doll?
Check out this amazing video by Lambys Nursery which covers everything you need to know.

How To Travel A Reborn Doll - Transcript

Hado a friends it’s summertime and what does that mean it means we’re all taking such amazing vacations this summer some of us are going to Disneyland others are going to their hometowns some people are going to the beach or the lake and a lot of people are going to the doll shows but many of us have to take ourvacations by traveling on an airplane and I know that scares a lot of people because maybe they don’t travel very much maybe it’s our first time traveling maybe they read too many scary news reports or it’s their first time taking a baby doll with them I’ve beentraveling by airplane since I was a month old and I never stopped traveling by air I’ve taken trips with baby dolls with American Girl dolls all by myself with my parents with stuffed animals I have taken a lot of airplane trips so hopefully in this video I can answer all the questions I got on Instagramhopefully I can put your mind at ease if you’re worried about traveling with the doll or traveling in general but I also got a lot of questions about TSA and how to deal with tsa whether you’re a person or bringing a baby doll and I have a very close family member who has been a TSA agent for over ten yearsand I ask them all you guys’s questions and hopefully you guys find theiranswers adequate but if not feel free to put all your questions down below we will do our best to answer them so I split this video up into five different sections and that first section is in general how does the security process go let’s go I’ve never flown how does the security process really work so you’re done checking your bag you’re donechecking in yourself and you’ve got your boarding pass you’re all ready to go so your next step is to get in line for TSA and you wait in line and there’s this TSA agent just stand-in there by apodium and you give them your boarding pass and your IDand he lets you go through and once you get through you should start preparing already even if you have to wait in line so that means taking off your jacket taking off your belt making sureanything that’s in your pockets out of your pockets take off your shoes and just follow the overall directions of the TSA agents around you such as don’t have water over certain amount I think that’s I think about 8 ounces I’ll have to look into that but feel free like I said put questions down below and I will make sure to get to them anyway soyou’re gonna take all that out if you have certain things that aren’t allowed you’re gonna have to throw them away I’m afraid I’m sorry or if your friend is still waiting for you at the car you can call them real quick and say hey can you take my water bottle so everything is gonna go in these bins they’re pretty shallow little bins but they’re also pretty big and can hold a lot so put shoes in there put your wallet in there your cell phone and you can send that down the conveyor belt and like I said just follow the directions of the agent around you they know best and they’re not trying to be mean just be polite they work a really hard job and then once everything’s out of your pocket and everything’s down the conveyor belt you’re gonna go in this machine it’s like a really cool metal detector type thing and it’s really big so you’re gonna step up when you’re told and there will be two footprints that are yellow and they’re gonna be standing sideways so put your feet right where those feet print are and hold your arms up like this over your head there will be a picture right in front of you that will say just how to stand and then don’t move don’t talk don’t laugh don’t do anything just stand there like this until the or the agent tells you it’s okay to move and then if they see any problems they’ll take a wand over you often because I’m in Hawaii and my hair gets sweaty all the time so a lot of the time they’ll have to take the wandmy head cuz it I guess it makes the alarms go off or something because I’m all sweaty but it’s not invasivesometimes they have to Pat you down but they are always super gentle when they do they’ll just go and that’s itthey I’ve never had them be rough or be mean to me or anything like thatso by the time you’re done with that all your stuff is gonna be down go ahead and grab it you’re good to gobut if you did bring a baby doll let’s talk about that in these next few slides but TSA is nothing to worry about as long as you’re polite and you’re not doing anything bad it’s just a minor thing we have to get there pretty easy is TSA you’re gonna break my dollso I got asked the most frequently are they gonna take my doll apart and no they most likely will not what TSA is concerned about when they see a reborn doll go through the x-ray machine is these dolls are vinyl reborns their limbs are hollow and they can be filled with stuffing with crafts and glass beads what-have-you it’s hollow it can be stuffed with anything andunfortunately bad people can stuff these dolls with bad things so TSA just wants to make sure that these dolls are not stuffed with bad things and they have a little it’s like an index card is like the size of it and maybe even texture of it and they just rub it over the doll real gentle-likeand it this little piece of paper will somehow tell them with what’s inside the dollanything bad is inside the doll and then they send you on your way it’s pretty easy I know there was a story a while back on Instagram that they took the doll apart the TSA took the doll apart and they do not do this horribly they are not yanking at the limbs as hard as they can and ripping off doll parts most of these dolls are put together with zip ties so they cut the zip ties off so what I would suggest is find out what’s inside your doll ask the artist or get in there yourself find out what’s inside the doll and then in a ziplock bag bring a sample bring that stuffing with you bring those glass beads with you and say this is what’s inside my doll if they threaten to take it apart and if they still need to know what’s inside your doll then have zip ties ready so that you can do those basic repairs on your own and don’t have to worry too much and yeah it might suck that you won’t be able to do those minor repairs until you get off the airplane but it’s better that you have your doll intact then have this dress and it’s better for TSA to know what’s inside your doll then have bad things happen soI promise that if they take your doll apart it will not be that bad and I don’t think they will ever take apart a stuffed animal because reborn dolls they are made to be put together taking apart stuffed animals are not like that there I highly doubt unless there’s something bad inside your stuffed animal that they will rip apart your teddy bear umhopefully you okay what do you say make me put my dog down below the plane and getting stopped to check reborn over and getting damaged is scary so for this I want to go back through the process of getting yourself through TSA but if you brought a baby doll with you so if you brought your baby doll with you you can either leave her in your checked bag or you can take her out of the checked bag and put her on the bin in our ownseparate bin or yeah so I know a lot of people for some reason want to carry their dolls with them through the x-ray machine but you cannot do that your dog does have to go through the x-raymachine that wallets and cell phones go through but she’ll be okay in there I promisebut TSA will put her through the little conveyer belt and then if they seesomething weird in there that looks suspicious then and this is actually happen to me every time every single time my baby dolls have had to have additional screening so they stopped the conveyor belt go back and forth on the baby doll a few times and then roll it on out pull it out of the bag or pull it off the little tray thing and bring it to a spot in the back they ask hey who the dolls is you’ll raise your hand and go it’s my doll and then they you follow them to where they’re gonna do it and then they take that card not cardboard but they take that index thing I was talking about that checks if there’s any bad materials in them and it goes pretty smooth like I said before it’s not scary it’s not horrible it’s it is what it is sometimes sometimes in life we have to deal with the stressfulin the bad in the nuisances it might suck a little but it’s only gonna be two minutes of your time if that they’re just gonna pull the doll out put this thing over her real quick and that’ll be badnow what I would suggest is this is what I normally have Paisley traveling it’s super easy to flip up her shirt pull down her pants and then they have access to everything they need to check and it’s super easy so I wouldn’t suggest you put your dolls in like a superintricate outfit with seven layers or anything try to put them in something really easy like a onesie or sweatshirt and then I also read the story onInstagram about the girl who had to put her doll below the plane where TSA made her put her doll in a box and then put it under the plane where they do checked bags and me ignore the person I’m close with have ever like seen this or had this happened to us before but if it does happen to you just try to remain calm try to remain polite maybe ask a couple questions like why are you doing this what’s up but make sure to ask them politely and not intrusive ly don’t be a jerk I think that’s my biggest point in this is don’t be a jerk these people are working really hard tsa agents work really hard at trying to protect us and I know I can seem annoying oroverbearing but they’re just doing their jobs and they’re doing their absolute best so if they do make you put it down below I know that’ll be stressful and maybe a little scary but just know they have our best interests at heart but also if you feel really strongly about it just politely ask hey is there a reason she can’t be in my carry-onis there a reason or is she made a bad materials I brought in a ziploc bag I brought the sand with me do you want to see sand hopefully that doesn’t happen to you I really hope not but if it does let us know why because I’m sure even my TSA agentfriend is curious why they had that girl put her doll down below here are some general questions about flying now let’s go on to some more general questions about flying for the first one I do not experience claustrophobia on a plane I am so sorry that you do that’s really awfulwhat I do though a lot is I do get up and go to the bathroom often and I kind of walk around and just try to get my blood flowing but I also will bring a book that I’m really into and I really want to read or I get myself really involved in maybe a video game or watch a movie that just takes my attention as much of my attention as I can I try not to be bored on the airplane because if I’m bored then I’m gonna be like this guy next to me kind of smells weird this person keeps hogging the armrest like I try to keep myself as occupied aspossible will they let you fly with a baby and a carry-on it does probably depend on which airplane you are flying with because I know some airlines lately have been doing this thing where they have a really cheap fare but you can’t take a carry-on with you and otherairlines if you get the really cheap ticket or whatever say that you can bring one personal item and one carry-on so it just depends maybe ask thatquestion to your airline specifically but I usually I keep mine in my backpack at all times so it’s it just did my backpack and I always make sure I get the ticket with the carry-on so itdoesn’t matter um yeah just call your airline I have your right airplanes are super close quartered I feel like every time I’m in the middle seat I don’t have an armrest because everybody’s like hogging them and then there’s people all up in my bubble airplanes are close quarters but I don’tI’ve ever seen a soda spilled on a on an airplane I asked my mom about this and my mom was like don’t say thanks to clumsy people sorry yeah of course if things get really really unexpectedly turbulent and super bumpy things happen crazy things happen but that’s a really low chance normally the flightattendants know when turbulence iscoming so they’ll come through and ask you to throw away your trash or doorway or soda and stuff like that so if if your student if this like keeps you up at night and you’re super anxious about this maybe wrap your doll in a blanket while you’re drinking your soda or while your neighbours drinking soda that way if that really crazy bumpy that moment does happen you’ll be prepared andeverything will go okay but just know that that happens really really rarely and it’s usually on the news when it happens it happensapparently so I’m sure you’ll be fine and I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant flight airports are so big I had an eight hour layover and Dallas Ones and I don’t even think I went around the whole airport because it’s just so big and I was wandering everywhere I could oh her boards are huge but it can also bereally easy to get lost so make sure if you’re traveling especially to somewhere big or you have multiple connections do your best to make sure your layover isn’t short if you can and then when you get to the airport try to make sure you have as much time as you possibly can that way you can look at the screen and see where your gate is see where your next flight is and see if anything’s delayed and then also get used to the map look at the map see where thebathrooms are see where your favorite restaurant is and just get yourself well acquainted cuz nobody wants to berunning through the airport no clue where they are no clue what to do just try to give yourself asmuch time as you can I feel like every time I call and order my flight through the phone I feel like they always give me these flights with horrible short layover is like 30-minute layover ‘z whereas when I booked my flights through the internet and can actually pick which one I want I have more ability to make sure I have that lay over the where it’s an hour to and I have plenty of time to make sure I get the snack I want and get to the gate without going crazy and I know for some people that they don’t like that because they don’t want to spend more time in an airport but I’d rather make sure I don’t miss my flight and don’t have a panic attack in the airport here’s some general tips for flying and those are some tips that people provided for when you’re flying like I said I’ve flown my whole life it’s not something I have a fear of but I understand why a lot of people have a fear of it I’ve been scared on flights before there’s been times where it got sketchy there so what I’ve always done if I feel like I’m getting really scared is I’ll put my music in and I’ll listen to something that calms me I’ll listen to like the piano or some Christian music and I’ll just try to focus myself on something other than being scared because you can’t control it you can’t control anything in life so might as well focus on what you can control and you can control if you’re listening to music or watching a good movie and just try to remember that soon you’ll be off the plane and you’ll be on vacation you’ll be at your destination and having a great time and that’s also why I know lots of people carry these dolls onto planes if you need to if your dolls under the seat and you’re getting a little scared pull that doll out and give him a nice big hug when I left my technical training for the military I was in my full uniform so my fullcamouflage uniform and combat boots and this is actually when I had that eight hour layover in Dallas so I brought my stuffed pillow my bright not neon pink stuffed hippo pillow pet and I wascarrying that around and I looked super goofy but when it came down to theflight when I was getting a littlescared because I was sitting next to a stranger who looked creepy I had that stuffed thing next to me that I could hug when I was scared and that really helped so it’s okay to bring yourcomfort objects and give them a hug if you are scared and just remember it’s all gonna be okay soon you’ll be in your amazing destination and having lots and lots of fun it’s gonna be okay guys just listen to some music and hug a doll it’s gonna be okayhonorable mentions and here are some honorable mentions of what ends up in my question boxwhat kind of plane am i I also asked my mom this and my mom sent me like areally fast little tiny black jet that looks really cool I don’t know what kind of plane I am probably something little I’m not a very big person so something little maybe something fast too because I like to move fastanybody who like walks with me can see how fast I walk sometimes I am not a fast runner but I am a fast Walker and then for the other question I’m so sorry that this whole conversation was not relevant to you I hope that if you want it to be relevant to you that you listen to this video and took home some tips but if it would still wasn’t relevant to you well sometimes we don’t have to say everything that’s on our mind but thank you for sharing so to everybody else I hope this video helped you I hope you got some good information and I hope you guys are ready to go to Disneyland or The Rose dollshow in Utah or to the lake in Colorado or wherever you’re gonna go I hope you have an amazing trip this summer and I hope you have less anxiety concerning air travel because it is a lot safer than those very few news reports lead you to believe I’ve traveled probably hundreds of times at this point and I’m still here talking to you guys so I’m sure you’ll be fine I’m sure you’re gonna have a lovely time so feel free if you have any other questions feel free to drop them below down below I will get to them and if I don’t know the answer I will find somebody who does know the answer and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can I love you guys have fun.

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