How Dolls Help Support Kids

Last updated: 18 June, 2023

How Dolls Help Support Kids

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Dolls have been a part of childhood for centuries and for good reason. They offer a variety of benefits for children's development, both social and cognitive.

In today's world, where children are spending more time at home and seeking ways to engage without the company of their friends, the significance of play becomes even more apparent. Play is a cornerstone of child development, and the use of reborn dolls, in particular, has been proven to offer numerous benefits for social and cognitive growth.

Here are some more ways that dolls can support kids.

Building Social Skills

Playing with reborn dolls offers children an opportunity to re-enact situations and engage in pretend play, aiding in the development of social skills. Through imaginative scenarios and role-playing, kids can cultivate empathy and gain a fresh perspective, which is crucial for nurturing lifelong communication abilities.

In fact, a recent study found that the part of the brain associated with social information processing such as empathy, was activated even when the child was playing on their own. These benefits were the same for boys and girls.

“We use this area of the brain when we think about other people, especially when we think about another person’s thoughts or feelings. Dolls encourage them to create their own little imaginary worlds, as opposed to say, problem-solving or building games. They encourage children to think about other people and how they might interact with each other.” explained senior lecturer Dr. Sarah Gerson.

Learning Responsibility

Playing with dolls helps children learn about caring for and nurturing others, emphasizing the well-being of those around them. By attending to their reborn dolls' needs—changing diapers, feeding, soothing with pacifiers, and more—children mimic the nurturing relationship between parents and children, gaining insight into their own sense of responsibility. This is especially beneficial for children with younger or soon-to-be-born siblings, as it allows them to practice caregiving and develop a sense of responsibility.

Developing Communication Skills

In times of confusion, children often struggle to express themselves to those around them. Dolls can provide invaluable support by becoming attentive listeners to children's emotions. By practicing with their reborn dolls, kids can enhance their vocabulary and verbal skills, utilizing words and phrases they are still learning while articulating their feelings. Try experimenting with new hairstyles, hats, and hair accessories on your dolls.

Building Imagination

Imagination development plays a crucial role in childhood, allowing children to explore and comprehend the world in a safe and imaginative space. Reborn dolls can be instrumental in bringing children's invented stories to life, fostering problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Promoting Restful Sleep

Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is vital for children's mood and overall health, especially during times of disrupted routines.