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7 Adorable Reborn Animal Dolls (Monkeys)

By October 9, 2019January 17th, 2020Buying Guides
7 Adorable Reborn Animal Dolls Monkeys 1

These little fury reborn animal dolls are absolutely adorable!
Although reborn dolls are usually human baby dolls that look and feel very realistic, whose to say that this concept can’t be applied to animals as well? After searching long and hard to find different types of reborn animals, we noticed that these dolls are currently limited to monkeys. Below we have listed the top reborn animal dolls that we found online and our selection is based on their appearance, online reviews and price.

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List: Adorable Reborn Animal Dolls


Product Information


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1. Realistic Baby Monkey Reborn Doll

The doll’s body is 100% movable and can bend to many different positions.


  • Cute outfit
  • Magnetic pacifier
  • Certificate of authenticity

2. Cute Double Trouble Monkey Dolls

Both dolls are 100% movable and can bend to many different positions.


  • Outfits
  • Certificate of authenticity

3. Lifelike Newborn Monkey Reborn


  • Cuddly fleece top
  • Terry cloth diaper with two pink diaper pins
  • Pink pacifier

4. Realistic Daisy Monkey Reborn Doll


  • Daisy headband
  • Cheerful yellow outfit with frilly ruffle
  • Denim bodice

5. Toddler Baby Monkey Doll

The doll’s arms and legs are 100% movable and can bend into different poses (great for hugs!)


  • One piece pink polka dot outfit
  • Pink ribbon headband
  • Certificate of authenticity

6. Lifelike Baby Orangutan Doll


  • Snuggly tshirt
  • Little diaper
  • Certificate of authenticity

7. Baby Monkey Reborn + Toy Doll

The baby monkey has movable limbs and can sit or lie down but cannot stand up.


  • Clothing set
  • Magnetic pacifier
  • Baby bottle
  • Monkey toy
  • Hair clip

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